The Runaway

I ran away from my abusive boyfriend who would never leave me alone. I could breath and he would be suspicious. Now you would think my parents would want me to get help or feel bad for me and love me, nope. They were just as bad. They kept me home schooled just so they could have more time to hurt me. Who is that coming for me this time? Is it my boyfriend running for me? Or could it be my savior?


2. The Runaway

I ran as fast as I could down the street. All I heard were footsteps behind me. Once I turned the corner, I ran into the first alley I saw.

I hid in the corner made by the wall and the dumpster. I soon heard someone come into the alley so I held my breath.

"Hello," the voice said. It didn't sound like my boyfriend. I peeked up to see who it was but ducked down when they turned back around.

I started crying, the footsteps came closer. I said, "Please don't hurt me."

Someone leant down and put a warm hand on me. I tensed up and he drew back his hand. He said, "I wont hurt you. Please let me help you."

I looked up and saw the face of Ashton Irwin from 5 Seconds of Summer. One of my four life savers.

I cried, "He raped me."

He hugged me and said, "I'm gonna take you to the cops. After that, I'm gonna bring you to where I am staying. Here take my jacket, you look cold." He wrapped his jacket around me an helped me up. I was still shaking with fear.

At the police station, I was asked a series of questions and they had me tested to see if I was actually raped. Before we left the police said, "Well it doesn't look like this will be going to court since we can prove everything so you are free to go. We just need someone to be your legal guardian. Do you have any family?"

I was about to say something when Ashton said, "I can be her guardian, I am over 18."

The police said, "Okay, just sign here." He did and we left.

When we got into the car, Ashton asked, "What happened?"

I stuttered, "I met my boyfriend about a year ago and were all lovey dovey at first but then he wouldn't let me see my friends and said that they would talk about me behind my back. When I tried to leave, he wouldn't let me. Just a few days ago, he came to my house and grabbed me and pulled me out the door to his car. When we got to his house, he... raped... me. He did this everyday since. maybe even twice. Every time I saw him, he would find a way to have sex with me. Now, my parents, they hated me too. They home schooled me just so they could abuse me more so they were happy to see my boyfriend hurt me. So when I'm supposed to be doing school work, I take breaks and just listen to your music which has been the only thing to keep me alive. If I'm not listening to your music or working, I'm texting my friends that I met over the internet who live in the area. But, yeah, that's it." Tears I tried to hold back feel from my eyes.

Ashton held me close and said, "Listen, when your with me or Luke or Michael or Calum, you're safe. You don't have to worry. We'll protect you." He held me like that for about 5 minutes and then let go so he could drive away.

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