The call

You may think that Juliet is a innocent, caring, sweet girl with a personality. So you may wonder why I'm asking this? It's because.... how do I explain it? Well she is the exact opposite of what you really think she is. General Dark is what she is know as but that wasn't always her last name. Clue: she has an older brother by a year and yet she was taken as an infant. General dark is really 'The Missing Malik', A.K.A Juliet Malik


1. prolgue

I puff, trip and fell with a thud in the jungle south of Russia. 'Shoot' I thought as I try to regain my original height to continue running. 'Bang, bang' the gun shots ring throughout the rainforest sending nearby birds up in the air. I quickly drop back to the ground where I am covered by the long grass and the undergrowth. "Where did she go? We couldn't easily loose a girl who thinks she can get away from us!! Find her!!" A voice rang in the distance, the Tourist group. I was concentrating on the group up ahead and didn't sense something come up beside me. Two people who look alike, Paul and Theo, but something grabbed my ankle. My eyes widen and retaliate, by kicking it. A grunt was realised, that grunt I know so well, Sam. "What the hell Sam?" I whispered shouted which he smirked and gave me an innocent look. "So general Dark, what so we do?" Paul asked. "First, I need my gun-" I was interrupted by Theo shoving something in my arms. "Anything else?" Theo asked ready to grab my walkie talkie. "Just pass it over, Sam call for backup, and you two-" I said throwing the walkie talkie to Sam before pointing to the twins either side of me "- Get ready to fight." I whispered as the enemy stalked around. "On my signal" I whispered and waited for the enemy to give me the chance.

"GO!" I shouted which the three boys started firing and I did as well. "Michael said that the boys will arrive in five minutes" Sam informed me over the loud gunshots and screaming. "Prepare yourselves! I want this team down or retreating five minutes ago! Move, move, MOVE and FIRE, FIRE, FIRE!" I screamed giving away our position to the backup but to make the other side cautious.

'BANG, BANG' was what I heard before - "S***" I swore before firing one last shot and dropping to the ground. "Dark! MOVE PEOPLE MOVE!! RECOVER, RECOVER, RECOVER!" Paul yelled pulling the ring from a grenade and throwing it. I leaned backwards on tree gripping my arm. "Man down man down!" Sam yelled before Michael came over to me. "You ok General?" He questioned. "Yes and pass me the gun." I groaned and hissed pushing myself up and seeing crimson red leak from my arm that I was previously holding. I looked at my other hand to see it covered in the crimson liquid. "Ah, no your not, I'm getting you behind this tree for protection!" He instructed me. "When do I take orders from you?" I sassed back. "Since you got shot!" He replied. "Fine your in charge Mich-" I was cut short by dizziness taking over and black spots starting to cover my vision. 'Bang, bang, BOOM' was the sound I heard before everything went in slow motion. "Keep your eyes open Dark, KEEP THEM OPEN!" Was the last thing I actually heard before I closed my eyes and was swallowed by darkness.


"Will she wake?" The sentence broke the silence for who knows how long. "Soon, her sensors are just waking up and adjusting to the environment around her. Other than that, she took a good blow to the arm. She should rest but please inform her family!" Another voice rang through my head. 'Ring my family?' I thought what do they mean about that?

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