The call

You may think that Juliet is a innocent, caring, sweet girl with a personality. So you may wonder why I'm asking this? It's because.... how do I explain it? Well she is the exact opposite of what you really think she is. General Dark is what she is know as but that wasn't always her last name. Clue: she has an older brother by a year and yet she was taken as an infant. General dark is really 'The Missing Malik', A.K.A Juliet Malik


2. meeting

General dark POV

Silence was all I could hear in the empty room with an occasional beep from a machine, hospital. I was in hospital hooked up to something. "Here she is, be careful and be patient. She maybe stable but she could wake at any moment and scare the living day lights out of you." Ah, the legend finally gives out a warning, good job Sam. "Where's Paul?" I heard an unknown voice. "With his brother Theo, which they are in the next room getting their dressings done." Sam spoke again. God will they leave me alone! Wait a minute, the war!! Shit!? Did we win? "Dressings?" Another unknown voice ran throughout the room. "Yeah, they did it to save General Dark and with that the war was won by them two! The twins, Paul and Theo." Sam said before I sense the twins entering the room. "Paul! Thank god your ok!! These boys have been mucking up!" What the hell!! What's up with these unknown voices and how many more are there? "Hello boys! Sorry about dropping out at the last minute but I needed to be here with my- ouch- our general Dark." Paul spoke and stop mid-sentence by someone hitting him.

'Come on wake up!! For fucks sake, bloody open up eyes.' I thought before trying to open them which hurt like hell. "Thank god she's waking up." Theo spoke. "Bloody hell. Shut up. Trying to sleep!!" I spoke. Yes now open your bloody eyes and leave me alone. "Come on Dark, wakie wakie Dark you've been out for about a week." Sam spoke again before I groaned opening up my eyes slightly. "Turn the brightness down!" I say closing them again letting the dark absorb my eyes in a pit of darkness. "We can't genius!" Paul retaliated. "Your next mission is to find out how to turn the brightness down and bloody do so!" I say knowing it would be a while- "Done" fuck you Sam, fuck you. "Now open those eyes." I groaned knowing who it was Michael. "Michael, when do I take orders from you?" I ask. "Since you got shot!!" "Fine" I open them to see my own mother, father, Violet and Zayn with four strangers. My eyes open wider.

Oh, no I'm in deep shit.

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