Strange Things H.S (discontinued)

Cover By TRXYE Go Check Her Out! :)
the world has gone to chaos. 50 murders in 2 weeks, all victims had rope marks around their neck harry styles is a teen bad boy but he has a secret nobody knows.

Until karla wonders into his house uninvited. "you what they say... never trust strangers karla.."


4. The Walk


While i started to walk i started to hum my favorite song, while i was walking i heard voices but i couldn't hear well because of my music so i just kept on walking,then i heard voices get louder.I stopped walking and took my headphones

"what in the world?" i said confused and listening to the voices

"No i need the bodies now!'' a voice said,it sounded mad.even if the police and doctors have the bodies they always end up missing before they could figure out what happened.i looked beside me to see a guy in a alleyway,it looked like he was talking to someone,i slowly walked down the alleyway quietly.

"you better get me those damn bodies next week or-" the voices stopped which caused me to freeze,i leaned against the wall and peeked around he corner,there were 2 guys but there faces were covered by their hood.

" i think someone's here" a guy said,the guy looked i my direction,i pulled away fast

"hey!"someone yelled, i sprinted down the alleyway, i heard footsteps

get her now!" the voice yelled,i kept running fast

"come here little girl!" they yelled i ran into the traffic causing the cars to beep their horns at me,i made a shortcut to the woods,i stopped running to catch my breath,i looked around fast,there was a abandoned cabin behind me with a stream.

"she went in here" i heard the voices said, i started panicking, i looked at the cabin and then the road i hesitated,just as i turned the to the cabin a person grabbed my arm causing me to scream. i tried getting out of the person grip

"hey stop im good" he said whispering he put his hand over my mouth to make me stop screaming

"come with me if you want to live"he said in British accent,i nodded and he took his hand off my mouth

"Keep low and do whatever i say" he said,i nodded we both crouched behind a tree and headed to the cabin while we hid behind it i stared at him

"You know its not nice to stare" he said softly while grinning

" you know its not nice to scare the shit out of people"i said mocking him

"Fair enough" he said standing up and wiping the leaves away with his foot,i watched him saw a handle that appeared,he pulled the handle up to reveal stairs that led down into the ground i looked at him.

"I am not going in there" i said crossing my arms,his face was still covered by his hood but i could tell he rolled his eyes at me,he grabbed my arms and pushed my down the stairs gently while putting the handle back on.

"She went down here" a voice said and we heard the guy grab the handle,the guy grabbed my hand and pulled me downstairs quickly,as we ran down i observed the walls,they were covered in dirt with cracks going down the walls,

Then i heard a gun shot,i turned around quick to see the guy pn the floor with a another guy on top of him i screamed

"Run" he yelled hitting the guy in the face and hitting his jawline,i turned away quick and started to run,i stopped running to find myself in a dead end i looked around quickly to see a rusted copper ladder leading up,i ran to it and started to climb.

While I started to climb i suddenly felt something pull on my leg i looked down to see a man pulling on my leg,i screamed and kicked him in the nose and climbed faster.

"Damn get her" he shouted,when i reached the top i sprinted through the woods but as soon as i lifted my foot,i tripped and twisted my ankle,i screamed in pain and fell to the damp dirt

"Shit" i said looking at my ankle i got up and started yo limp fast to my house. Once i reached my house i swung the my beige door open to reveal my parents looking at me in shock i tried to say something but everything turned black..


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