Strange Things H.S (discontinued)

Cover By TRXYE Go Check Her Out! :)
the world has gone to chaos. 50 murders in 2 weeks, all victims had rope marks around their neck harry styles is a teen bad boy but he has a secret nobody knows.

Until karla wonders into his house uninvited. "you what they say... never trust strangers karla.."


3. The Book

Jess's pov

While i entered the house i saw my dad trying to make toast

"Stupid thing won't go" he said trying to make the bread go down in the toaster i laughed while shaking my head and put my bag on the couch and went up to him and pressed the handle down and looked at him

"It hates me" he said sassy i laughed and hugged him gently smelling his clone

"Do you still have those dreams" he said i nodded while sighing

"Yea they have been happening more recently" i said in a bored voice while spinning around on the wooden stool,my dad is gay, i wad adopted by a gay couple which dozen't bother me at all

One of my dads is a doctor and one is a cop so i can't really get in trouble im being tested by other professionals,but they still haven't found what it is or how to cure it

"Wheres Nick " i said putting the thick hard cover book that fell on me on the marbled counter

"He is working late tonight" he said kissing my forehead i nodded and smiled as he kissed my forehead

"Imma head to my room dad" i said getting up while holding the book and going upstairs when i got to the bed i opened it the book and started reading

"The hallucinations are also known as.."

Sorry for the short chapter i have tests coming up!

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