Strange Things H.S (discontinued)

Cover By TRXYE Go Check Her Out! :)
the world has gone to chaos. 50 murders in 2 weeks, all victims had rope marks around their neck harry styles is a teen bad boy but he has a secret nobody knows.

Until karla wonders into his house uninvited. "you what they say... never trust strangers karla.."


5. Late

i woke up to see nurses surrounding me,one nurse was bandaging my foot and my dad was looking at the monitor,i groaned and tried to move

"dad?" i said in a raspy voice,my throat was dry.

"its ok sweetie you sprained your ankle" he said help me sit up and handing me some water i nodded and held his hand

at school

i sighed and put my hood over my hood while entering the school i didn't see ant trace of harry or his gang which was made me curious for some odd reason but good new for me so i don't have to deal with his shit anymore.when i finally got my books out of my locker,i heard harry voice i cursed to myself and started to walk past him but before i got my foot into the class i felt my arm being pulled back to reveal harrys stupid cute smile 

"oh our art teacher assigned us a project and i was wondering if you wanted to come to my place after school" he said nervousily,being the nice girl that says yes for basically anything except for drugs and sex i accepted 

"sure i will you at the gate" i said shyly he smiled and walked away i stood there for about a mintute smiling and then headed inside the class

After school

I sat down at the bench near the gate waiting for harry its been 40 minutes and he isnt here..maybe he just set me up,i waited a few more minutes and decided to walk away until i heard my name i turned around to see harry jogging

"Your late" i said angry while i kept walking and turned away from him

"Teacher kept me in for distracting people" he said raspy and breathing heavy,i crossed my arms around my chest and kept walking

"Lets go already then" i said impatiently i saw him nod and point to range rover.

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