Strange Things H.S (discontinued)

Cover By TRXYE Go Check Her Out! :)
the world has gone to chaos. 50 murders in 2 weeks, all victims had rope marks around their neck harry styles is a teen bad boy but he has a secret nobody knows.

Until karla wonders into his house uninvited. "you what they say... never trust strangers karla.."


1. Hallucinations

This story may contain violence,swearing and possible sexuality.Only read if you understand and are comfortable.

Disclaimer: This is my story and original ideas.Please do not steal or copy any of my ideas I've worked hard on this for months already Plagiarism is illegal and punishable by law,i will not allow any of my work being copied,duplicated or translated on here or any other website unless I clarify that i have copied,duplicated or translated on any other site or on here.If you plagiarize my work i will find you and have you removed. If you come across any of my stories on any other website let me know immediately,i only only post on movellas.

Copyright 2015 © Jazzy.s

Jess's pov

well my name is Jess im not really the most popular person in the school seeing no one here is left out except for me yeah i dont have friends they all moved so i was stuck here

i looked up to see the teacher staring at me i started slouching in my chair

"oh my god why did you do that your so stupid" i said in my mind just as i put my stuff away the bell ringed before i stood up a blonde boy put his hands on my desk

"you should hang out with us at lunch " he said smirking i looked at him shocked

"really but you guys are very popular and" before i could finish he cut me off

"yes we will be at the black table  be there in 5 mins max or you can't sit with us "he said and went out the door i smiled maybe i do belong here

i rushed out the door to my locker and put all of my homework in my bag and headed to lunch i looked around for the black table, i then spotted it, i started walking towards it.when i got there i sat down they stared at me and everybody in the cafe went quiet

"who said you can sit here" the blonde boy said

"you did you told me to" i said

"no i never did " he said when i saw the guy with the curly hair he looked familiar

Flashback from last night

I put my hood over my head and started walking down the street it was raining a little i needed to keeps things off of my mind all those dreams about this person who kills people to feed their hunger but every time i see this person his face is blurred and right when he is about to reveal his face the dreams ends and its been like that on a loop for 1 year.

I quickly snapped out of my thoughts and focused in the sidewalk i looked around me i was being paranoid again i sat on the bench and rubbed my eyes when i opened them i looked ahead of me to see a guy wearing a hoodie his face was covered,he didn't move a muscle it was like he was staring at me i looked down fast

"your ok,your ok,your not crazy your not crazy" i said to myself i looked across the street that guy was gone i sighed i got up quickly and started walking when i looked at a car i saw the guy leaning against it i started running tryna to catch up with him

He was fast when i was about to look up i slammed right into a pole causing me to fall on the wet cold pavement "fuck" i said rubbing my nose gently i looked at my hand to see blood

"Need some tissue?" A raspy voice said i looked up to see a guy his face was covered by his hood i nodded

"yea thanks " i said wiping my nose

"You had quite a fall" he said i squinted my eyes at him the only thing i noticed was his long brown curly hair that went up to his shoulders i stood up and put the bloody tissues in the garbage i looked next to me

"thanks for the-" before i finished i realized he was gone "tissues" i said finishing the sentence i blinked a little and started walking home

Flash back ends

"Earth to cunt" Niall said loud i snapped back to reality and ran to the library i quickly stood up and ran to the library i went to the big brown bookshelves i went to the paranoid and paranormal section when i looked up i saw a book i couldn't reach it tho i went on my tippy toes and tries to reach it when i was about to grab it a big thick book fell on my shoulder causing to fall down and other books fell with it

"damn it" i said whispering i rubbed my shoulder and sat on my knees when i reached for the big book i read the title "hallucinations " i said

"Need some help" a familiar voice said i looked up it was the same guy from my dream i didn't respond his face was covered he crouched down and picked up the books except for the one i was holding

"Be more careful next time" he said i stood up and brushed my pants off

"Sorry i was just-" before i finished a girl interrupted me "who are you talking to " she said looking at me strange "the guy next to me" i said pointing next to me

"What guy" she said i looked next to me to see no one i looked back at her she nodded her head slowly and walked away "im not crazy" i said frustrated


ya that the first chap i hope its interesting :3

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