Starring the Akatsuki!

Role up! Role up! In the unknown, far away from any ninja village lives the hideout containing the most wanted S-Rank missin-nin in the ninja world. The Akatsuki. But what do they do when their funds are running low? Tobi: Put on a circus act, Senpai! Ladies and Gentlemen! After 'Pein' came up with the idea of running his own circus to earn a few extra pennies, who knew that something so childish could become such a disaster? Starring: The Akatsuki, with special guests Aya Uchiha and Reika Oshiro (from my other fanfictions!) So sit back, relax and enjoy a night of magic!


9. The Artistic Streak with Brooke-san

"So...what kind of atmosphere are we needing for this show?" Brooke asked her squad, all sitting on the floor cross legged.

The other two squads had already left, Willow's in search of casinos and arcades, Lozzie's back at the hideout, with the remaining people practising elsewhere.

Deidara put his hand up.

" don't need to do that." Brooke said, sweatdropping at the childish behaviour her all time crush was performing.

Deidara went slightly red before withdrawing his hand as quick as it went up, "Well, I was thinking of something abstract, but with moody tones to make it seem more mysterious and dark, adding to the curiosity."

Brooke nodded slightly, tapping her chin with a pencil, thinking of how this mood could be created.

"Um...if I could say, don't make it abstract, because it sounds stupid." Sasori turned to Deidara, smirking slightly as Deidara scowled right back.

"And why is that, un?" Deidara asked, looking Sasori square on, challenging him.

"Well, because if it was abstract, then that would be all the audience would see. And I think they kind of want to see the performances the most, not the artwork."

"Hmph, what do you know about art, un? You don't know what art truly is."

"All I know is that scenery is not supposed to hit you in the face. It's just supposed to add an environment, making some kind of theme. This is a performance, not an art exhibition!"

"See, you don't even know what you're talking about."

"Can I say something?" Brooke asked, holding up her finger to get the men's attention.

"What?!" they both shouted in unison.

Brooke recoiled, hiding half behind Konan, who made no effort to put any point across throughout the 'discussion', "I like Deidara's idea of a dark, moody tone, since that suits your personalities quite well, and I like Sasori's idea of not making it quite so in your face. I think we should make some kind of scenic props for outside the tent, and inside we should adjust some lights with dark eerie colours, such as shades of purple. Then when each performance takes place, we can change the colours of the spot lights to match the theme of their performance. How does that sound? Scenic and moody."

Konan nodded once before raising her hand slightly, "I back up Brooke's idea." she mumbled, closing her eyes, to avoid eye contact from the others. She was never one to be in the mood for an argument of any kind, especially with men who acted like children.

Sasori also nodded, "It's genius, Brooke-chan!" he smiled cutely at her, making Brooke's cheeks go slightly pink.

Deidara sneered slightly, "Clearly you don't know what true art is, but I guess I see where you care coming from." but when he saw the look on Brooke's face, he softened up and grinned, "But with an artist such as yourself, I bet it will be perfect."

Aw, he acknowledged me as an artist! Brooke fangirled in her head, coming from Dei-Dei it must mean something. And for Sasori-san to agree as well?! That's a bonus! she was so desperate to go fangirl, but she had to keep her cool. She didn't want to look weird.


"Ok then, now that we have that sorted, let's get started shall we? I guess I'll have to assign you to different jobs, if we want this to get done fast enough for next week." Brooke explained, before writing out a 'To Do' list for everyone.

"So what's my first job?" Deidara asked, resting his head on her shoulder to see what she was writing.

Brooke smiled sweetly, "Your to run down to the nearest shop and get me some donuts! I'm hungry." she shoved Deidara's list in his face, making him recoil slightly.

"Uh...Ok." Deidara replied, raising an eyebrow before looking at his list and leaving for the shops.

"Konan, could you go and adjust the spotlights? Go and find out how they work?" Brooke said, handing Konan her list.

Konan nodded before climbing the scaffolding steps to the spotlight switches, fiddling with them slightly, to see how which one worked. Her eyes widened with confusion as she looked at the funny looking contraption before her, "Um..." she whispered to herself, before flicking one of the switches, making the lights switch on and glare directly on top of where Brooke and Sasori were still sitting.

Sasori squinted, using his hand to shade his eyes, "Is there any way of dimming that light?" he asked, half talking, half shouting up at Konan.

"Uh..." Konan mumbled before sliding another switch to the right, but that only intensified the brightness of the light, making it virtually impossible for Sasori and Brooke to see.

"Wrong way! Wrong way!!!" Sasori shouted, covering his eyes with his hands, "Brooke-chan cover your eyes, she's gonna blind you!"

Brooke furrowed her eyebrows, confused at Sasori's weird manner, "Jesus, it's not that bad..." she tried to act out the situation was not that bad, but the light was really bright, "Konan? Maybe slide the switch to the right? It's quite hard to see down here."

Konan nodded, before sliding the switch again until the lights were really dim, "Ok, I think I am getting the hang of this." she muttered to herself, "So this is the dimmer setting...this changes the light's colour..." she continued talking to herself, which was really unusual for her.

"Ok...glad that's over." Brooke giggled slightly, rubbing her eyes, as they were slightly disoriented, "Now, back to the plans."

"So, what is my role?" Sasori asked, blinking heavily since all he could see where colourful stars blocking his vision.

"You." Brooke tapped his nose, "Have to sit there and look cute until I finish drawing the scenery props." she smiled brightly before setting to work drawing.

Sasori looked taken aback, "Cute?" he repeated to himself, before he looked back at Brooke, debating whether to be flattered, or insulted.


After about half an hour, Brooke had finished drawing some simple sketches of scenery such as bare trees and dark clouds, Konan had just about got that hang of the lighting, leaving notes for herself and for anyone else who would be needing them for the night, Sasori was half asleep, leaning on Brooke's shoulder as she continued to sketch, and Deidara was on his way back with the donuts.

Aw... Brooke smiled to herself, looking at Sasori who was starting to breathe deeply, he's so adorably cute! she was not at all fussed with him leaning on her, even though he was slightly in the way.

"Brookie-chan! I'm back with donuts!" Deidara, declared, barging back into the tent, awakening Sasori from his quick slumber, much to his annoyance.

Sasori sat up with a start when he realised he was leaning on Brooke's shoulder. He blushed slightly and mumbled, "Sorry." before edging away and looking back down at the drawings again, curiously.

Brooke lowered her head in disappointment, I was enjoying that... she thought, as she continued drawing, but when Deidara took a seat to her other side, her eyes moved again to look at him smiling back at her.

"Here." Deidara said, sliding the box of donuts in front of her.

She immediately grinned, "Oh my God. Thank you Dei-Dei!" she squealed, hugging him tightly, much to Sasori's envy, before opening the box and taking out the first one, "And you're just in time." she said, her mouth full of donut, "I've finished drawing the scenery. Now it needs to be painted. And I going to need all your help for this bit, because it's going to take ages. A lot of layers and tones need to be applied to add to the mood of the setting, so we should get started now."

Each member took a prop each to paint, before patiently setting to work painting and drying, painting and drying.


I'm surprised those two are actually being silent for once... Brooke thought to herself as the second hour, and the third layer of paint passed. She looked over from Deidara to Sasori and back again, smiling at how cute their faces were when they were concentrating. Deidara had his tongue sticking a little bit out, and Sasori's eyes were wide and his mouth slightly open, as if awe inspired.

But as soon as Brooke looked back to her painting, a sudden, "I need the purple!" shattered the silence. Deidara was looking over at Sasori, who was busy painting the tree branches in the the colour he needed.

Sasori did not look away from his prop and calmly replied, "I'm busy. Wait a minute." he smirked at Deidara's impatience.

Deidara growled, "Give it here!" he shouted, standing up and storming over to where Sasori was sat.

Brooke sighed loudly, I knew this was too good to be true. She watched as the two of them grabbed hold of the tin of purple paint and started tugging at it.

"Give it puppet boy!" Deidara strained, latched on to one end of the pot handle.

"Get your own!" Sasori retorted, clenching on to the other.

Brooke could see the paint swilling in the tin and she knew sooner or later, it was going to spill over the sides and go absolutely anywhere, but she did not know who to side up with. Sasori, who is more adorable, and had the tin first, or Deidara, the hottie, who needs it really badly. 

But she did not have a chance to pipe up because it was Konan who spoke, a look of surprising anger and stress in her face, "If either of you ruins mine, or Brooke's hard work, then I will shove your heads into the remaining paint in that tin and hang you by your legs, upside down from the scaffolding until the night of the performance is over!" she then cleared her throat and continued painting the roses she was assigned to make, as if nothing happened.

The other three went silent, Brooke's mouth hanging wide open, and Deidara and Sasori immediately stopped tugging at the pot of paint and put it back on the floor.

"Tell you what...I'll just come and sit closer, so I can reach the tin." Deidara suggested, sweating slightly, and rather shaken from Konan's cold words.

"Hm." Sasori agreed, setting the tin down again and quickly focussing on his painting again, "Good idea..."

Jesus... Brooke thought, slowly turning her eyes away from the drama and back to her prop, Now I know why people should never mess with Konan-san.


The rest of the scenery took another hour to complete, in total silence.

"Woo! We're finally done!" Deidara grinned, throwing his arms in the air and waiting for Brooke to hi five him, "If that took any longer, I would have gone mad! Art should not be or take that long!"

"Nah, I found it fun. You guys have done a really good job." Brooke hi fived him, before offering one to Sasori, who sheepishly did the same. Konan stood next to Brooke, a small, relieved smile graced her lips. Brooke continued, "We make a good team! I'm sure Pein-san will be pleased!" He'd better be! she thought.

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