Starring the Akatsuki!

Role up! Role up! In the unknown, far away from any ninja village lives the hideout containing the most wanted S-Rank missin-nin in the ninja world. The Akatsuki. But what do they do when their funds are running low? Tobi: Put on a circus act, Senpai! Ladies and Gentlemen! After 'Pein' came up with the idea of running his own circus to earn a few extra pennies, who knew that something so childish could become such a disaster? Starring: The Akatsuki, with special guests Aya Uchiha and Reika Oshiro (from my other fanfictions!) So sit back, relax and enjoy a night of magic!


6. Main Arena

"I was kinda hoping this place would smell more of food, not of smoke and dead people." Pein muttered, turning to look at Deidara, Sasori and Zetsu, screwing up his face trying to block the smell of burnt people.


The Akatsuki packed all their supplies and arrived at the tent in which their performance was going to take place. But unfortunately it took them a few hours to get there because of all the moaning coming from a select few members.


*Three hours earlier*

"Reika, come on, we don't have all day. They're all waiting for you." Aya said, making encouraging hand gestures, trying to make Reika hurry up.

"But they won't fit, Aya-chan!" Reika moaned, tears streaming out of her eyes in annoyance as she continued to try and squish and seal the mini suitcase up.

Aya rolled her eyes, "We are only going to be there for a few hours, not a few days."

"DON'T CARE!" Reika cried, "I NEED THIS STUFF!"

Aya sighed and turned around and peered outside Reika's bedroom door.

"Is she nearly done?" Pein asked, trying his hardest not to shout, his eyes glinting in a peeved manner.

Aya shrugged her shoulders, "Her bag won't shut." she mouthed.

Hidan, who was in a particularly impatient mood, face palmed and dragged his hand down his face, "If she wants it to shut, I will make it f****** shut." and he marched into Reika's room, barged her aside and jumped up and landed on her suitcase, forcing it to shut, but not after a loud crack sound were heard from inside.

Reika's mouth dropped open, her hand held out to her bag. She released a few squeak noises, but nothing else.

"Uh...I realized...uh...nothing" Aya stuttered, as sje quickly manoeuvred her way out of the room, glad to join the rest of the members who were just as shocked and confused as she was.


Ten minutes later, Reika was still in tears at the fact one of her 'ceramic' dolls, made of real bones, had been shattered.

"It was so lifelike. The bone made the skin so pure, the hair was the most golden I've ever obtained, and..."

"Reika. Stop being so sad and grisly." Kisame growled, he and Itachi feeling extremely uncomfortable about listening to Reika's little habits and hobbies.

Reika scowled darkly, "You don't get it, do you?"

"Funnily enough, no, because I am not a weird doll making maniac..." Kisame retorted, trying not to look the creepy doll girl in the eyes.

She snorted, "Are you sure?"

"Reika, please be quiet." Aya hissed, covering her eyes with her hand, "Why did you pack that thing anyway? I thought everyone wanted it out of sight."

"Because I was hoping to make some more similar to it, to sell at the show. I need to practise. This is the only one I've made, and now I have no idea what to do, or how to make another one and..."

"Ok." Pein interrupted, "Are we all ready to leave now?" he looked hopeful, that is until Tobi put his hand up.

"Ooh, Pein-senpai? Tobi really needs the toilet." Tobi whined like a three year old.

Pein went red in annoyance, "Why...didn't you go earlier?" he asked through gritted teeth.

"Because Tobi didn't have to go then. Tobi needs to go now!" and immediately he ran down the corridor and into the bathroom, leaving the others waiting again.



Deidara scratched the back of his head, "Yeah well, how else did you want us to 'dismiss' the crowds, un?"

Pein lowered his head, "I think just scaring them would have worked, really."

Sasori turned to whisper to Deidara, "I told you so."

"Oh, shut up, puppet boy." Deidara muttered, "Anyway, it was Zetsu's idea to 'remove' the bodies."

Every turned around to look for Zetsu, but he was gone again.

"Oh, crap..." Reika muttered, "I hate it when he does this."

"Does what?" Aya asked, raising an eyebrow at her.

Reika did not reply as she tried to swallow her nerves. She hates it when Zetsu frightens her.


Everyone finally managed to organise themselves in the tent, so they were as far apart from each other as possible. Especially from Kisame because he had set up a massive tank full of water to dive into, and none of the other members wanted to get soaked, or get caught in an unexpected water jutsu of his.

Most of the members had particularly easy jobs, especially Itachi, who just did a load of fire release jutsus, Konan, who effortlessly created origami art and Pein, Kakuzu and Hidan, who sat around doing virtually nothing, watching as everyone else worked hard practising their roles.

The most unsure person was Aya, who had to do tightrope walking as an opening act. Slowly, she climbed up the ladders to the high ledge and just looked cautiously at the thin piece of rope, then at how far down the floor was.

Why is it me who has to do this? she thought, shuddering at the thought of falling to her doom, or even worse, into the water tank which had real sharks circling it. Yes, REAL sharks.

Ever so slowly, she placed one foot onto the rope just to check how secure it was. Then she took another step, so both her feet were off the stable ledge. And she managed to keep her balance. That is, until a dark shadow emerged from the roof of the tent in front of her, whispering, "Don't fall Aya-chan." before chuckling loudly.

Aya yelped at Zetsu's sudden appearance and stumbled backwards, completely missing the ledge and losing her footing on the rope and falling straight for the ground.

"Aya-chan!" Itachi, who was standing nearby, exclaimed loudly after he spotted Aya's frail body fall towards him.

Reika heard Aya's yelp and Itachi's unusually loud voice and turned away from her shattered doll, which she was trying to repair. She gasped, dropping the doll, making the mended parts fall back off again, and ran over to try and catch Aya.

"Aya-senpai!" Tobi shouted from inside the cannon Deidara was about to fire him out of. He clambered out, ramming the cannon into Deidara's body before running at full speed, to try and catch Aya, "Tobi will save you!"

Deidara, Konan and Sasori also dropped what they were doing to assist, but all of them stopped what they were doing when they noticed Aya do a somersault in the air and land neatly on her feet. When she straightened her back again, they realised her had turned into her Neko Demon state. And she was angry.

"Where is plant boy?" she asked, her Sharingan glaring wildly. 

Everyone surveyed the tent but couldn't find him.

"Here I am Aya-chan!" Zetsu waved from one of the seats in the audience, smiling brightly, desperate to cause a scene since he was bored out of his mind.

Aya hissed and gave chase to Zetsu, along with the other members who actually cared about the normally rather quiet and tame Uchiha.

Pein sighed, "This is going nowhere. We really need to get ourselves organised better." he declared, watching as jutsus whizzed in all directions, some just skimming his head.

Zetsu just kept merging and re-emerging in different areas of the tent, while the others screeched to a halt and turned in the opposite direction to try and catch the crafty plant.

"You're realising this now?" Kakuzu said challengingly, looking at the leader from the corner of his eye.

If this were Tobi speaking, Pein probably would have knocked him flat, but Kakuzu was a different story all together, so he let it go this one time.

Konan, who decided not to bother with the chase took a seat next to Pein, "Something needs to be done about this...organisation lack."

Pein nodded once, "Did you find good places to hang up those posters?" he asked, trying to change the embarrassing topic.

Konan nodded, "In a few ninja villages, where there is an abundance in potential crowds."

Pein and Kakuzu looked at Konan in slight shock. This was getting more and more humiliating by the minute.

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