Starring the Akatsuki!

Role up! Role up! In the unknown, far away from any ninja village lives the hideout containing the most wanted S-Rank missin-nin in the ninja world. The Akatsuki. But what do they do when their funds are running low? Tobi: Put on a circus act, Senpai! Ladies and Gentlemen! After 'Pein' came up with the idea of running his own circus to earn a few extra pennies, who knew that something so childish could become such a disaster? Starring: The Akatsuki, with special guests Aya Uchiha and Reika Oshiro (from my other fanfictions!) So sit back, relax and enjoy a night of magic!


3. Introducing the Acts

"Oooh, Pein-Senpai! Tobi is so pleased you like Tobi's ideas!" Tobi started acting like a fangirl and then started shaking Aya, "See, Aya-Senpai? Tobi is useful!" 

"" is all Aya could reply with, since she was getting really dizzy.

"Your idea?" Pein asked, glaring at Tobi, "Idiot, it was all my idea." he placed his hand to his chest and raised his nose in the air, in a rather dramatic way for the, normally, realistic Akatsuki member.

Tobi stopped shaking Aya and looked at him confused, "Oh, but Tobi thought..."

"Silence!" Pein shouted, looking back at Tobi.

Tobi recoiled and hid behind Aya's cloak, "Tobi's scared of Senpai."

All the Akatsuki rolled their eyes at the obnoxious leader and the idiotic fool of the group.

"Please tell me you are not serious about this?" Deidara asked, looking up at Pein from the corner of his eyes.

Pein nodded, "Of course, when I make decisions, they are final."

"Doesn't Konan have to back you up?" Reika asked, fiddling with her hair.

Konan scooched over in her seat, so she was away from Pein, "I'm not getting involved." he put her hands in the air and surrendered, "If this is what Pein wants, then it's his decision."

All the gobby Akatsuki members groaned, while the other, more silent ones, looked at the table, and tried their hardest not to look like they were going to retaliate.

Pein had one more look around the table and nodded in approval, "Now that that is settled, we need to make plans. Starting off with everyone's roles in the circus."


Konan came back out of her room with a large scroll of paper and unrolled it out on the table, so the whole table was covered. Pein pulled out a pencil and started to write down a list of the people and their roles.

"Of course, since I am the leader of the Akatsuki, it only makes sense that I am the ringleader." he wrote his name and role at the top of the list. Then he continued to write the rest of the Akatsuki's names down, before he started speaking, "Konan, you will use your origami to become some sort of magician."

Konan nodded slowly, but secretly she thought the role as a magician sounded a little to masculine for her.

"Itachi, you are the fire breather." Pein said, pointing at the Uchiha with his pencil.

Itachi sighed, Of course...couldn't get any more creative could he...he thought.

Aya looked slightly confused, But I am pretty decent with the Fire Release as well. But you can't have two fire breathers...I'm hating and dreading my role already.

"Kisame, you are going to be a high diver. Just dive in with a bunch of sharks or something like that. Just be creative with your jutsus." Pein continued.

"Can I feed someone to the sharks?" Kisame asked.

"No Kisame, the audience is not for eating. They give the profit. Scare them away, we lose profit, and it will be more than just sharks you will need to deal with." Pein snapped, not looking up at him.

Kisame gulped, I think I just got that message.

"Sasori you are going to be the puppeteer." Pein added.

Sasori rolled his eyes, "You don't say?"

"Don't answer me back." Pein murmured threateningly, "Deidara, you can be the opening act with your explosives and then be a juggler."

"Sweet!" Deidara grinned and fist pumped the air, actually pleased he can do something dangerous."

"Kakuzu, you can be..." Pein began.

"The ticket seller and treasurer." Kakuzu interrupted, folding his arms.

Pein looked up and then shrugged, "Fine...not what I wanted, but I guess we need someone. Orochimaru, you are the swordsman and snake charmer."

"Kukuku!" Orochimaru chuckled, not moving from his seat.

"But you are going to be under strict surveillance. If I see you get anywhere near the crowds, you're head will be ripped from your shoulders." Pein declared.

Orochimaru sighed, "Indeed."

"Zetsu, you're an illusionist." Pein continued, scribbling more notes. When there was no response he looked up, "Zetsu did you hear that?"

Zetsu appeared from the wall in front of Reika and his black side shouted "Boo!" really loudly, making Reika shriek and fall back in her seat, "Got it Pein!" the white side spoke, grinning brightly at Pein.

Reika tried to smack the plant boy, but completely missed as Zetsu merged into the wall again, "Ok, give me my part, before this loser scares me again!"

Pein sighed, "Reika, you'll be the rhythmic ribbon dancer, and you'll sell dolls as souvenirs."

Reika nodded, glad she could do the things she loved, "What's Aya going to do?"

Aya looked at Pein, beads of sweat rolling down her face, Please give me a decent role.

"Aya, you'll be the lion that jumps through flaming rings, as well as a tightrope walker." Pein explained.

Aya's face froze, "Excuse me? Did you say, lion?"

Pein looked up, "I did."

"Why am I a lion?" she asked.

"Well, since you are technically a Neko demon, since you and Suzu can merge together, you'll become cat-like. And big cats jump through hoops." Pein explained, as a matter of factly.

"Forget it." Aya muttered, "I'll do tightrope walking, but not hoop jumping."

"Well, it will either be that or Hidan can be a lion tamer for you." Pein suggestedd.

Hidan grinned at the idea of torturing someone with a whip, "Whadd'ya say, Aya-chan?"

Aya stopped, "Hoop jumping." she said quickly, trying to avoid eye contact with Hidan. 

Hidan in return grumbled and leaned back in his seat.

"What's Tobi's role, Senpai?" Tobi asked, looking over Pein's shoulder at the list.

"Tobi, you're the clown. And as a final performance, Deidara is going to shoot you out of a cannon." Pein replied, writing more down.

"Are you kidding?" Deidara looked up and grinned, "I get to shoot Tobi out of a cannon. This circus idea is getting better and better."

Tobi looked a little uneasy, but then said, "As long as Tobi doesn't get hurt, or hurt anyone else."

"Oh no, it will completely painless." Deidara and Reika stiffled a laugh.

"Hm." Pein grunted before turning to Hidan, "And your role will be..."

"Demon summoner? Strong man? Sacrifice volunteers?" Hidan suggested, thinking up as many interesting roles as possible.

"Balloon folder." Pein finalized, writing down Hidan's role.

Hidan stopped, his eyebrow twitching, "Are you f****** kidding me?! Why have I got the s***** role? Surely there is something else."

"Yeah, actually there is." Pein said, thinking deeply.

Hidan sighed, "Good. Surely this is going to be better."

"The snack stand needs someone to sell popcorn and drinks." Pein replied, creating a wave of reactions from the other Akatsuki members, some laughing and some looking at the ground to avoid eye contact with Hidan, because he was now in a foul mood.

"Ooh, great." Hidan replied, "Just what I've always wanted to f****** do."

"Great." Pein smiled slightly to himself and rolled the scroll back up, "Now that that is done, we need a few people to go and do some jobs and preparations. Costumes will be created by Reika, and Kakuzu can assist since you can technically sew."

Reika nodded, "Ok then."

Kakuzu really did not want to do this, but nodded anyway. He'll do anything for more money.

"We also need a tent to do the performance in. Sasori, Deidara, Itachi and Kisame, you go and search, while Zetsu can patrol the areas." Pein added, and the groups nodded once.

"As for the rest of you, Konan, you can make posters to advertise the circus, Tobi, Orochimaru and Aya, you are free to do whatever until the others return. And Hidan..."

"What?" Hidan looked up, still sulking.

"Go and practise balloon modelling." Pein pointed to Hidan's room.

"I hate you guys." Hidan stormed, stamping away, swearing under his breath.

Reika suddenly piped up, "Wait a second. I have ran out of materials, so we need to improvise."

Pein nodded, "Ok, what with?"

Reika held out her hand, "Strip please. All of you." she grinned slightly.

Everyone did not know what to say.

"Surely there is something else you can do." Deidara wondered, trying not to blush.

Reika shook her head, "Nope. Strip, oh and I am going to need as many clothes from your wardrobes as possible."

With a lot of hesitation, all the Akatsuki hurried to their rooms before coming running out, all red in the face, in their underwear, with bundles of clothes in their hands.

"Uh, I did say as many clothes as possible. That doesn't mean all of them. How indecent do you think I am?" Reika muttered, collecting all the clothes.

Aya, who is Reika's partner, snorted slightly at that remark, and in return got the death glares from Reika.


"Ok then." Pein walked out of his room, after putting another spare cloak on, "We are sorted for now. Akatsuki, get to work."

With a quick nod, everyone set to work, except Aya and Tobi, who were left in the kitchen.

"Let's play hide and seek, Senpai!" Tobi jumped up and down in excitement.

Aya rolled her eyes as she was dragged away to play the ridiculous game with Tobi.

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