Starring the Akatsuki!

Role up! Role up! In the unknown, far away from any ninja village lives the hideout containing the most wanted S-Rank missin-nin in the ninja world. The Akatsuki. But what do they do when their funds are running low? Tobi: Put on a circus act, Senpai! Ladies and Gentlemen! After 'Pein' came up with the idea of running his own circus to earn a few extra pennies, who knew that something so childish could become such a disaster? Starring: The Akatsuki, with special guests Aya Uchiha and Reika Oshiro (from my other fanfictions!) So sit back, relax and enjoy a night of magic!


4. At the Arena

Kisame and Itachi

"This has gotta be the lamest job ever. I mean, as if Pein would even think there would be a tent lying around somewhere. And anyway..." Kisame continued to complain down Itachi's ear.

Itachi closed his eyes and took in a deep breath, trying to block out and ignore his partner's babbling, It won't be long now. We will find something. It will all be over soon.

"Itachi, do you agree with me there?" Kisame suddenly asked after a few more minutes of walking.

Itachi opened his eyes wide when he heard his name and just grunted, "Hn."

"It's true though, isn't it? I mean surely there must be better ways of making money. I mean, I can easily go on an assassination mission if it would give me the extra cash and..."

This is going to be a long search. I wish I was partnered up with Aya. At least she knows how to keep quiet and is mature enough, Itachi thought as they continued to search the wilderness for any kind of arena to use for the show.



"...Seven, eight, nine...TEN! Ready or not, Aya-senpai, here Tobi comes!" Tobi called out uncovering his eyes and turning around to look for Aya.

Aya had been playing hide-and-seek with Tobi for three hours now, and none of the others had finished their tasks either. Reika and Kakuzu were in Reika's room still making costumes, Konan locked herself away in her room to make posters and Pein and Orochimaru snuck out of playing hide-and-seek ages ago.

"Found you senpai!" Tobi shouted, pointing at Aya, who was sitting cross legged on the sofa drinking more herbal tea, "Senpai, you are not very good at playing hide-and-seek are you? You keep choosing the same hiding place." Tobi jumped down on the sofa next to Aya, making her tea fly everywhere but in the cup.

"Hn." Aya grunted in annoyance, glaring at Tobi, "I clearly am not much of an expert compared to you Tobi-san." she shrugged her shoulders, before pouring herself another drink.

"Then Tobi shall teach senpai!" Tobi declared, snatching the cup away from Aya and pulling her to her feet.

Aya groaned, "How can you teach me to play hide-and-seek?" she asked, folding her arms across her chest, "And stop calling me senpai! I am younger than you, it sounds dodgy."

"But, Aya-senpai is Tobi's senpai! Anyway, I you now need to close your eyes and count to ten so Tobi can hide." Tobi declared, jumping up and down and clapping his hands together.

Aya sighed again before covering her eyes and counting, "One, two three..."

"Having fun, Aya-chan?" a voice asked from behind Aya.

Aya turned around to look at Orochimaru, who had stolen her seat on the sofa and helped himself to her tea.

Aya closed her eyes slightly, "Ecstatic. Thanks for joining in." she said sarcastically, not a single sign of a smile appearing on her face.

Orochimaru chuckled, "As long as Tobi keeps quiet, I'm sure the Akatsuki are very grateful."

Tobi appeared from behind the curtains, "Aya-senpai? When are you going to look for Tobi?"

"Now." Aya replied, "Found you."

"Oh.." Tobi moaned, "How did senpai know?"

Aya shrugged, "Just a random guess. Good hiding spot."

"Yay!" Tobi beamed under his mask and smothered Aya in a death hug, "Tobi is so grateful Aya-senpai had time to play! Nobody else wanted to play with Tobi, it got so boring and lonely."

Aya choked in Tobi's grip and thought, hmm, I wonder why... "Can I have another tea do you think Tobi-san?" she asked, trying super hard to pull away.

Tobi sighed, "Oh, alright then, we'll play charades while we have tea. Orochimaru-senpai can play too."

Aya stopped what she was doing, while Orochimaru tried to swallow the tea he drank which unfortunately went down the wrong way, causing him to choke and cough loudly.

"Excuse me?" they both said at the same time, as Tobi started acting out goodness knows what in front of them.

Tobi shrugged, "We're playing charades. We have to act something out and the others guess what it is."

Aya face palmed, "Please, kill me now."

"That can be arranged." Orochimaru grinned a look of hope on his face.

"Don't you dare." Aya threatened.

Tobi started doing some weird hand actions and asked, "What am I Aya-senpai?"


 Sasori and Deidara

"Finally, we are free from that terrible meeting." Sasori mumbled to his partner, as he trailed along inside his favourite puppet Hiruko.

"I dunno. It wasn't that bad." Deidara grinned, his hands behind his head as he looked in the sky, "I think my role in the show is pretty good."

Sasori scoffed, "Yeah, at least you don't have to do a freakin' puppet show."

"Yeah, but the last time I checked, you make puppets all the time. What's the difference, un?" Deidara asked, rolling his eyes as his partner, as he continued to complain.

"And the last time I checked, none of my puppets were designed for making people laugh! My puppets are not a laughing stock!" Sasori snapped.

Sure, Deidara chuckled to himself, trying to cover up his laughter.

Suddenly, both men heard music coming from in the distance. Then a load of screaming.

"Huh? I wonder what's going on here, un?" Deidara mumbled, jumping into the trees and heading in the direction of all the noise.

Sasori sighed, "Just leave me here, it's Ok..." I hate wandering outside Hiruko, he thought merging out of his puppet and following Deidara.



The task was so easy for Zetsu, since no one heard him approaching the foul music and destroying the band by eating the conductor. For a few seconds, all everyone did was stare at the insane eyed plant as he licked his lips and hungrily eyed everyone else. Then they all began to disperse in all directions. All the stands were left abandoned and not a soul was in sight. That was, until Zetsu heard applause from inside the large red and white tent in the centre of the fair.

"Found the tent." Zetsu grinned to himself, rather proud of his discovery, "Maybe there will be more morsles to devour."

"What has Pein told you about eating people?" Deidara called from behind him, Sasori out of breath and sweating behind him.

Zetsu rolled his eyes and turned around, placing a hand to his chest, "I swear not to eat another person without consent." he droned, before throwing his hand down to his side.

"Good." Deidara nodded once before looking around in approval, "This is an impressive finding." he began to wander around before Zetsu interrupted him.

"There are still people inside this tent." he said, before merging into the ground, "We should escort them out."

Sasori sighed and turned to Deidara, "Do we have to?"

Deidara nodded slowly before muttering, "Unless you want Pein to deal with." both him and Sasori shuddered slightly before agreeing and sneaking inside the tent.



"No, no, NO!" Kaku-san!" Reika shouted, snatching the fabric from Kakuzu's hands and vigourously stitching a different pattern into it.

Kakuzu sighed and slumped back in his seat, "What was wrong with that?"

Reika looked up at Kakuzu as if he were stupid, "What's wrong?! You've dropped goodness knows how many stitches and made the left arm longer than the right arm!"

Kakuzu said nothing, since he was aware that Reika was a perfectionist and hated to be told differently, so he just sat and watched as Reika effortlessly made patterns, complicated stitches and impressive styled outfits for each Akatsuki member.


After a couple more hours, Reika took in a deep breath and wiped her brow, even though there was no sweat appearing on her forehead, "We're done!" she grinned, waiting for Kakuzu to give her a hi-five, but she got none.

"You mean you're done." Kakuzu said slowly, before briskly leaving the room, his case in his hand.

Reika rolled her eyes, "Spoil sport." she muttered, grabbing all the hangers out her wardrobe and hanging all the outfits up, I don't think they look too bad, for a bunch of scrappy old clothes and limited supplies of cloth. She folded her arms in approval before leaving the room to find Aya.



"For the hundreth time, Tobi-san! I don't know and don't care what in Hell's name you are!"Aya growled, trying really hard not to lose her rag, which is a rare event.

"But isn't it obvious, senpai?" Tobi asked, making himself shaped like a teapot.

Aya, Orochimaru and Pein had been unfortunate enough to be involved in the game of charades for even more hours, and Aya was the only one who had kept their cool. Pein was muttering harsh words under his breath while clenching his fists and Orochimaru was sitting and twitching, pouring himself even more tea.

"Why is this tea not keeping me calm?!" Orochimaru shouted, throwing the cup arcross the room, only to have it caught by Aya who was glaring into his yellow eyes.

"Don't take your anger out on my stuff!" Aya warned, flashing her Sharingan for a few seconds, before taking a seat back on the sofa.

Pein suddenly spoke, "When are those idiots going to get back?! This is seriously driving me insane."

"More insane than what we already are?" Tobi asked, lowering his arms and examining Pein's eyes and red face closely, "Are you feeling Ok, Pein-senpai? You look a little red."

Suddenly Pein released a surprising bellow and gave chase to Tobi, who stumbled backwards and left the hideout. Aya sighed loudly and collapsed, lying down on the sofa.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you." Aya sighed loudly, before she heard Reika approaching.

"I've finished the outfits!" Reika grinned down at Aya, before pulling her back up in a sitting position.

"And we have the grounds sorted." Deidara added, walking back into the hideout with Sasori, Zetsu, Kisame and Itachi lingering behind him, all with burn marks, cuts and bruises on them.

"What the Hell happened to you?!" Reika asked, looking all the guys up and down.

"It's a funny story." Deidara said before beginning his story.


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