Held Hostage

// After a time, you stop counting the days. You stop watching the clock, wishing to be found.After a time, you stop hoping that you will escape, stop thinking about when the trauma will begin to haunt you; you know that you have been held hostage. //


13. WIthin The Shadows

Chapter 12

I hid in the shadows of the room as instructed to by Harry's wordless motions. With deep breaths, I closed my eyes tightly to stop myself imagining the endless tragic outcomes to this unexpected visitation. I didn't want to stay in this concealment whilst he had to face his demons alone. 

There were two parts to the attic as the house itself had different levels. An opening only accessible by a key and a ladder that extended down to the level below; the ladder I had used to come up to him with.That was the first entrance. However, there was also a second level at the end of this one, acting as a mini attic above another bedroom that I hadn't yet explored.

We listened without a breath, the air was still as Harry waited patiently. There was silence. As he stood bare chested, still wearing his skinny jeans, his shirt and belt laying lifelessly on the floor, he looked over to me for a split second. He looked over my body but his features stayed neutral. He opened his mouth as if to say something but silenced himself and bit his lower lip. 

"In here" I almost jumped at the proximity of the voice. There must be two people. Yet, Harry didn't even bother to conceal himself. I was crushing myself into the wall in my efforts not to be seen when the entrance was made. 

Surprisingly, there was a knock on the door. In return, Harry slipped his t shirt over his head and kicked his belt into the shadows before clearing his throat "Come In". His voice was stern. The door opened an inch and I Iet the adrenaline crawl over my body as my hair began to tickle my neck. 

At the door there I managed to make out the sounds of two men. I didn't dare to look around to see if that was the case. One voice spoke low in a clear voice, attempting to talk quietly. "Mr. Malik needs those papers Styles." I concentrated on the low voice. "Couldn't he just call me to confirm that?" Harry snorted a little irritated. "He actually wanted to give you this." Another voice chipped in; a slightly softer voice with a calm tone to it. I relaxed at his voice. 

In the background, I could hear the ruffle of packaging as Harry unwrapped a parcel. "A gift for you and the Mrs." The first voice smirked. Harry was quiet, making it difficult to determine his response to the parcel. "Tell Zayn thanks for me." Harry sounded sincere, I could imagine his beautiful smile. "Sure" the second said as the conversation dwindled. There was something quietly whispered and the two men sounded a little shocked, though I couldn't make out any words. 

There were a few more low whispers before I could finally make anything else out. "You should introduce us, she's probably a little scared don't you think?" Well he would have been right about 6 minutes ago, but I was more intrigued than anything else as I could sense that these were 'friends' of Harry's. "Patience grasshopper," was Harry's response. I smiled. "You'll behold my pearl when the time's right. Don't want any of you stealing her away would I?" he joked. My heart was all for him as he said the words so perfectly.

The others laughed and one said "No, I suppose not. I guess you have a reason to be so careful, if she saw me, I guess she'd fall easy." I rolled my eyes but smiled all the same. Goodbyes were soon after given and Harry walked downstairs to see them off. I waited until the doors finally closed to climb down from the attic room and took out of the bedroom window to see the two men.

Both guys were of a similar height, the slightly taller man had dark brown hair which was set in a neat quiff. He wore a sharp black suit with a light grey trench coat. His features were handsome but not comparable with Harry in the same way. I could imagine that he spoke with the stronger voice. 

The other man was similarly dressed in a suit, except he didn't wear a coat. His light blonde hair was beautifully combed and his baby blue eyes were amazingly bright. Both men attracted my attention but were both lacking something different that I found in Harry. But maybe that's what a hint of love does to you. 

"Ana," Harry watched me quietly and I turned around a little startled at his call. "please come away from the window. I don't want them to see you" he explained and I took a step towards him. I didn't question him as I had already overheard his reasoning. Plus, I found it cute that he wanted to keep me all to himself. 

"Is everything going to be okay?" I asked carefully, in not to interfere with anything private that he may have wanted to conceal from me. Whether or not I had already heard some of the conversation was beside the point. He grinned and said "Yeah, everything's fine..." He didn't expand much more this so I nodded, a little frustrated that he could want to hide insignificant pieces of information from me. Why would I care if he had other friends? 

"Let me show you something." He handed me a medium sized envelope in his hand. "A gift from a pretty good friend of mine" he smiled and I opened it slowly. Inside the package revealed a new part of Harry I didn't previously know had existed. "Wow" I mumbled, lost for words. Harry simply smirked and kissed my forehead. "Enjoy, ma belle cherie" he whispered as he left. 


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