Held Hostage

// After a time, you stop counting the days. You stop watching the clock, wishing to be found.After a time, you stop hoping that you will escape, stop thinking about when the trauma will begin to haunt you; you know that you have been held hostage. //


12. Under The Stars

Chapter 11

"Red onion?" I mused thoughtfully, guessing the source of the crisp, fresh taste in my mouth; along with a raging hotness which persisted to be felt. This, I guessed correctly to be Jalapeno peppers. Whilst chewing, however, my mind was not grounded in the delicacies I was partaking of, but on the recent events that occurred in the interrogation room. The reasoning behind which still seemed obscure. In fact, I was more than unamused at the secrecy and way he extracted information from me. 

But the secrecy I guess was what drew me to him in the first place.

"Nope." Harry smirked coolly, leaning in to my ear, a warm pool of air rushed through me as he whispered "You're worse at this than I thought." Taken back but the warmth of his breath and the icy statement, I felt my cheeks heat in embarrassment. "Owch" I felt my bottom lip pucker slightly and my eyebrows constrict a little. Harry grinned, his eyes a beautiful pale green. "Just kidding babe," he kissed at my neck a little "you were right" he stated, his lips on my forehead as he pulled me into himself.

We sat on soft oak floorboards of the attic, a large window before us displayed a soft starless night; fairlylights and candles lighting the room. The flicker of the flames illuminating and concealing Harry's face looked perfect. He was so natural and inviting in the shadows. He wore the same calm expression as he did when we drove to 'our' hidden future house. I watched him take the last bite of chili as I finished my own.

I dared not ask any questions as to what he meant in that room and figured he would make the move when he was ready. Or maybe he was waiting for me. To be ready? The theory was completely plausible. Hadn't Harry been waiting for me this whole time? First he had waited for me to be submissive enough to him, to be totally under his every wish (feeding me less was not about my weight. I knew Harry's mind). Was he waiting for me again? And why? The purpose of everything was so skewed.

"You're thinking about it." Harry said faultlessly. He turned from the starless sky to pierce his eyes into me. I smiled to myself. I thought I may have figured him out but I forget that he's so much more observant, more predicting than I am. "How can I not Harry?" I posed the question weakly, there was no point in hiding how I felt, he knew what I was trying to conceal. He turned my face towards his, his finger on my chin. "Like this". Soft lips crashed into mine swiftly.

I let the moment encompass me and sealed my eyes. My hands were in his hair, his hands on my body. A rush of sensations travelled through me as his hands held steadily onto my hips. I let the sound of our breathing be the music.

Over his head went his t-shirt as I pulled it off. My eyes examined its prey. I was on top of him, my hands on his belt and soon, his belt hit the floor. Kissing along his torso, I feel his breathing deepen as he murmured softly. He sighed, an uneasy sigh that made me suddenly stop. Did I do something he didn't like? "Are you sure about this?" he asked. I felt relief drain over me and smiled a little. 

"Sure about what?" I teased. At first Harry raised an eyebrow but quickly pulled me into himself. His hand ran down the length of the skirt he had given to me. As he reached further, he rubbed circles in my upper thighs. The tingles were overwhelming and as I moaned, he slipped his tongue in my mouth. 

As he deepened the the kiss, I heard a soft footprint on the staircase and almost froze in the kiss. There was a second unmistakable step and Harry had already withdrawn. He silenced me with his finger over his lips. I started to shake, and not from the warmth of Harry's foreign kiss. The footsteps up the staircase were getting closer. 


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