Held Hostage

// After a time, you stop counting the days. You stop watching the clock, wishing to be found.After a time, you stop hoping that you will escape, stop thinking about when the trauma will begin to haunt you; you know that you have been held hostage. //


9. Never Deny

Chapter 8

We headed towards a run down building, the lights were off and the windows cracked. How could Harry be so comfortable with his car parked here? The wind blew the hot air, offering no cool balm for our sun-kissed skin. The clouds were full and thick marshmallows which looked as if they would melt away with one touch. The scent of his cologne drifted behind him as he walked and I sauntered in its path. Reaching into the space behind him, he held out his hand to me and I receptively clasped mine in his, his soft fingers having deep ridges ingrained into them; making them strangely irresistable to touch. 

The outside was completely opposite to the inside. As we stepped inside, I could see that the chipped windows were there to devalue to view of the utterly stunning inside. I could see why it was kept hidden; just as I was. I grinned childishly at the thought, as if to suggest that Harry had a habit of concealing the possessions that he considered to be most valuable. The interior was a crisp white, the curtains adorned with a beautiful clean burgundy; which, from the outside looked nothing more than a dark scarlet. The floor was carpeted and immaculate, causing me to remove my shoes ~ Harry following my notion. Pearly white sofas lay comfortably around a contrastingly dark mahogany table, a matching coffee table located in the far left corner. 

Although the front looked abandoned, the curtains at the end of the large room revealed a large garden, plain but displayed well; grass trimmed perfectly to an even level. I started to worry that we were trespassing. "It's beautiful," I admitted, turning to Harry, speculation turning into nothing as I continued to survey the area. "how did you find this place?" I continued as he watched my face intently, his green eyes wandering over my body. His cologne filling the room.

"I bought it a few years back, I thought about renovating the area as no one particularly knew where it was," he paused as his curls fell over his face, combing them back into their previous position "I thought that maybe later, I could turn these houses into one large mansion - settle down in it when I found someone." Harry stepped closer towards me, pulling me into him by the waist. His arms were strong and I could feel his muscles rippling through his t-shirt as he pulled me tighter. Tight enough to feel his waist pressed tightly against mine, I shuddered with anticipation. Looking up at him, I noticed the dark tinge of his eyes had turned emerald, his breath warm against my skin. I kissed his lips lightly and mumbled "I guess you'll have to search harder. What if I say no?" I teased, leaving a hard kiss on his jawline. 

As I pulled away, I could see Harry's eyes narrow at me, his breaths deepening but devoid of passion - he seemed angry. Taking my wrist in his hand he pushed me hard against the wall behind me, our bodies grinded together as he held my hand up on the wall. The impact was painful on my back and I moaned, arching my back. Harry's lips traced my neck, leaving wet kisses as he went. He whispered softly, his hands roaming my thigh in circular motions, the heat between us growing as he grinded against me "Could you really say no to me?" Harry continued to grind into my body, his kisses becoming deeper, more passionate. The intensity of his lips between my skin caused me to mumble and groan softly. 

"Ahh, Harry" I murmured into his kiss.

"Could you say no to me, baby?" He demanded, his hands brushing against my chest. I let out a shaky breath.

"Maybe" I challenged, taking the chance to kiss him, taking the chance to bite his lip.

"Oh really?" I could feel the angry rise in Harry's voice, a loud punch vibrated around my head as Harry slammed his fist against the wall. He stepped back, running his hands through his hair as he began to pace the soft carpet in his black ankle socks; the veins in his ankles evident.

Anger mixed with determination were set in his features; he stopped pacing and faced me. Cautiously, I fumbled to fix my hair and half smiled to show that I was only teasing him. Abruptly, Harry's body was again crashed into mine, his cologne so intoxicating, I nibbled at his neck; his hands roaming freely over me. He whispered so quietly, I nearly missed it.

"That was a mistake dear" 

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