Held Hostage

// After a time, you stop counting the days. You stop watching the clock, wishing to be found.After a time, you stop hoping that you will escape, stop thinking about when the trauma will begin to haunt you; you know that you have been held hostage. //


11. Interrogation

Chapter 10

I awoke in a room that I vaguely recognised. My vision was unclear and hazy, the light too bright to open my eyes fully, causing me to squint through the brightness. I couldn't even be sure of how I came to be here; only memories of hasty kisses on my skin, leaving hurtfully sweet patches. Holding shaky pale hands in front of my face, I lightly touched my neck with one hand, grazing my fingers over a painfully sensitive patch of skin as I observed my still shaking right hand. 

The lights seemed to dim as I stirred confused and tired in a small metal chair I was seated in. I could see more clearly now and opened my eyes fully for the first time since I shook awake.There was a reflective parting glass that split the room in a 1:4 ratio. I was in the larger portion. A large square white desk was situated in front of me and looked as if it extended far across the room. There was also a chair opposite the far stretching desk.Was I expecting a visitor? Someone new? There was a tall glass of water on the desk before me. 

Seeing the roughness of my face in the reflective surface opposite me, I patted and finger combed my ruffled hair; my curls now flat and tangled. My joints in my wrist clicked as I parted my hair and, looking down, I breathed a shaky breath of relief, seeing that the rest of my body hadn't been tied to the chair. Gripping the white desk in front if me, I pushed up my aching limbs to a stand and shook out the aching pains from my feet. 

Arching my back, I sighed and sat back in the minute chair; much too small for me. My eyes fixed themselves on the glass of water before me. My throat was dry and crisp, yet I was apprehensive to take any of it. I couldn't, shouldn't, trust its content. I stared hard at it for a long while, building up an argument within myself.

"It's only water darling." I could hear the familiar smirk and recognised it from anywhere but I couldn't see anyone. There was no shadow seen behind the reflective screen and I couldn't tell from which direction the sound was travelling in. I tried to gulp but a lump formed in my throat that was hard to get rid of. Turning my head, I searched the room desperately. The room itself was airy and disconcerting; I didn't want to be alone through this.  

"I'm right here love" Harry stood afar off, more of a silhouette than a person, only his outline convinced me that he was really there. Harry's perfectly gelled curls were visible, his piercing eyes dim through the blackness. He stood mostly in sight, only a fraction of himself behind the reflective screen. 

"Why?" My voice was croaky and weak. I spluttered a cough before attempting to answer again. "Why are we here Harry?" My voice came out irritated. I was irritated. Life was restarting almost perfectly with someone that I valued. Someone that I wanted to learn more about. Harry was not merely the definition of all that was lust, but of all that was passion. All that was mystery and unanswered questions... 

A faint sigh was heard as it seemed to escape Harry's lips. The sound of disappointment resonated throughout the room. I could hear the heels of his black shoes approaching the chair opposite mine. The shadows still encompassed much of his face. "Because.. Darling.." His breath was warm on my ear, making jump at our close proximity and how unexpectedly close we were. As he paused, the area around my ear was cold, more so than before; an icy tingle ran down my spine because of it. 

"I need to know what you know" Harry traced his finger along the desk as he moved towards the seat opposite. His long finger was the only thing in light. As he sat opposite me, his elbows were on the desk, his face just a shadow. "What does it matter Harry?" I answered stubbornly. I was irritated. "Honestly, Harry? What does that change between us? So what if I know how we met? In fact Harry, that makes me love you more than anything that I do remember!" I was almost shouting. My eyes were strangely teary, my throat nearly hoarse. Why would he try to conceal how we met from me? 

Still in my seat, I contemplated my words and sighed. He was still silent. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to get angry at you, I'm just so confused." I ended. There was a strange pause for a few minutes. I opened my mouth to talk but refrained. I had probably said enough. "So you know about our date." Harry finally broke the silence. He leaned forward so his face was no longer in the shadows. "I'm glad you love me for it" He smirked and my face broke into a smile. 

His voice grew colder as he stood up and came closer to me. "But I need to know Ana. Where does it stop?" I rolled my eyes and my smile faded. What was he so scared of me knowing? The thought that I pushed away most, the thought that scared me most was what would he do if I knew something I wasn't supposed to. "Harry..." I whispered. I wanted to know what he would do to me. "For God's sake Ana!" Harry slammed his fists on the desk in front of me. I could see the veins in his hand pulsating and my heart rate quickened. I recoiled in my chair. 

Harry erected himself and wiped one hand across his face as he sighed deeply, his voice muffled by his hand. A tear slid down my face in the fear and shock of it all. "I... I remember up to the car, you leaned in and then... I blacked out" I stammered. I had never seen Harry so mad and I hated thinking that I caused it. He chuckled softly and tilted my chin to look into his eyes. His moods changed so quickly. "You missed the best part." He seemed to sigh a breath of relief before his nose touched mine. We stayed like this for what felt like eternity and I made a note of our hearts beating. Slowly, he leaned in further and kissed me.

Harry's lips were hot against mine, the crevices of our lips were rough but perfect against each other. I felt his curls on my forehead and closed my eyes to shut out the already dark surroundings of the room. As we kissed, I put my hand around his warm neck and I felt him lick my bottom lip. I let his tongue go between my lips and we french kissed for a while. Before the kiss intensified, I opened my eyes and pulled away for more air. He laughed. "You kiss the same" he commented as he watched me. 

I took the time to push my limits with him a little and asked "What were you so afraid of me knowing Harry?" He leaned against the desk and I stood up so I wouldn't feel so inferior in his presence. Standing almost in between his legs, I put my hands on his thighs. 

"You wouldn't love me if you knew" 

He simply said before kissing my neck and walking away into the blackness.

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