Held Hostage

// After a time, you stop counting the days. You stop watching the clock, wishing to be found.After a time, you stop hoping that you will escape, stop thinking about when the trauma will begin to haunt you; you know that you have been held hostage. //


6. Delectation

Chapter 5

There was no morals in this game. I simply did what I felt. "Come here, Ana" he called longingly for me as I crawled away to leave the bed. I grinned, picking up the clothes that he had prepared for me. The heat of the bed was so enticing, the touch of his body - incredible; but I needed him to work for me. I would not be a puppet on his strings, and I definitely did not intend to lay with him tonight. So as I crawled on top of his body, leaning down until we were breathing into each other, I simply said "Nah".

Attempting to escape the tent that entrapped us, Harry pulled my arm and waist into himself. Leaning up, he pulled me onto his lap, his muscular arms leaving me defenceless. Positioning my legs around his waist, I leaned in to kiss his lips, instead biting his bottom lip, and pulling away. He looked a little frustrated. Good. "Hmmm..." I glared decisively at him "Nope". His eyes pierced through mine, the lush green and heavenly hazel winning me over. I smiled, looking down as shivers ran over me. He knew how this was going to work.

Icy fingers ran over my back, my face. I closed my eyes for a spilt second as I gasped; more shivers. Warm, wet patches were on my neck, his tongue making patterns over my skin. His lip grazed over my skin and he paused. 'No. No. Don't stop.' The singular phrase was all that repeated in my head. On loop. "Yes?" He questioned quietly, continuing to paralyse me, his hands running lower along my spine, flirting with the entrance of my panties. My head threw back in ecstasy and he pulled it back into his lips. Intensity, I lived for this.

No. No I didn't. I had never experienced this before, how could I fall so dependent of it in these few minutes? I would deny myself of the pleasure. The sucking on my neck was prolonged, lustful. I groaned in soft mumbles "Y..es... Yes" I stuttered as he began to sneak his hands under the lace, quick to find a soft spot. His fingers moved in slow motion, spiralling in delicate patterns; he was teasing. Damn.

Pushing him to the bed, I lay him flat. Sweat beads forming on my forehead, it was my turn to torment him. Attacking his neck, I crawled on top of him. Once his moaning grew louder, I stopped. Pulling his shirt over his head, I examined him lustfully before proceeding to lay soft kisses along his torso, my nails tracing every tattoo. Approaching his jeans, I stripped him of them too and ripped the buckle off.

"You should have listened Harry." I warned, sucking along his V line. Where did this natural impulse come from? The hairs tickled my chin as I went just an inch lower. His breathing was a pathetic whimpering and he mumbled as he called out my name. It was such a high and I crawled back up to him to hear him closer; leaving him paralysed. Raising my eyebrow, I saw a flash of evil in his eyes and sat on his crotch. Slowly, painfully slowly, I rolled my hips in careful circles. His snare was soon replaced with a bit bottom lip and deep breathing.

Victorious, a large bulge in his jet black Calvin Klein's told me that I had teased enough. His breathlessness calmed as he kissed me. The passion was gone and remnant in its place was gentle and caring touches; kisses. "I meant no when I said it Harry" kissing his lips one last time. Crawling out of the bed, I collected my clothes and smiled bashfully as Harry watched my movements carefully, still very aroused.

The day could not have started better. The sweet vegan cinnamon and apple strudel pie was such a delicious starter, the rich vanilla in the oats and milk was delectable. Breakfast was a treat, homemade by Harry and completely impressive. It was so attractive to see him with a kitchen towel over his shoulder, to see his arms work as he lifted the 20 kg bag of flour back to the storage cupboard and nibble on crumpets. But the best part of the day had already gone; there was no way I could forget the way he touched me. The simple way he let me lead, the continuous lustful playing... It was like an eternity's worth of delectation.

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