Held Hostage

// After a time, you stop counting the days. You stop watching the clock, wishing to be found.After a time, you stop hoping that you will escape, stop thinking about when the trauma will begin to haunt you; you know that you have been held hostage. //


5. Daydream

Chapter 4

Scrubbing my skin with creamy exfoliant, I prepared myself to be a natural beauty. It had been an eternity since I had applied any make up to my face and there wasn't much point to do so now; Harry had already seen much more intimate parts of me, why not enhance the beauty of a bare face? As Harry picked out the clothes he desired me to wear, as was the custom for all my time here, I plucked, shaved and primmed, every stray hair from the follicles of my skin.

Leaving the bathroom feeling freshly plucked, stinging sensation rippled through me in painful bursts. For the first time this morning, I was alone. During my time in the darkness, I had gotten quite used to being isolated and found myself at ease with my own company. Strolling aimlessly along the large expanse of room, I swapped out the towel I had covering myself with a white, fluffy robe that Harry had laid out for me. 

"You walked in, caught my attention" I started slowly, getting accustomed to the sound of my voice again "I've never seen a man with so much dimension" I sung softly, running my hands over over my body illustratively "It's the way you walk, the way you talk, they way you make me feel inside" I smiled as I thought of him, the song reflecting my exact emotional state precisely. "It's in your smile, it's in your eyes, I don't wanna wait for tonight" My lips curled further into a lustful smile as I melted away; all my thoughts focused on what would happen in the coming night.

It was dangerous of him to keep a girl like me locked up for so long.

I was an innocent girl outwardly and inwardly, I had never had any experiences really before coming here, because I had never had a boyfriend. Being my age, it wasn't a popular occurrence, even my close friends were beginning to experiment... I wasn't like the others. Maybe that's why he chose me. Maybe Harry could tell that I was pure, inexperienced, ready for the taking... And that's exactly what I was. His teasing wouldn't keep me calm for long, and after some point, I would explode.

Considering this, I strut confidently to a mahogany coloured chest of drawers by the large, laced covered windows. Among the many items, my attention was drawn to a cylindrical bottle that flooded my mind with past childhood memories that were so far away at times...

"Girls," my mother called us over, my sister rushing down to see what had been bought, I reluctantly coming afterwards. She sat us down, either side of her, showing us the new elaborate dresses that she had spent on us, along with a small tub of cocoa butter for our faces. We were obedient in this restriction, however tempting it was not to smooth the cream all over; the smell was irresistible but we knew that it was expensive. The memory made me smile a little, the tub of lotion in my hand momentarily.

Replacing it on the desk, I used Dove moisturiser instead so that the thoughts wouldn't bring so much pain to me. Returning to my previous thoughts, the familiar song came back to me and I hummed along, smoothing the substance over my hairless legs - there wasn't a better feeling. As I finished covering last pores on my neck, I walked back to our large tent - like bed, seeing that the sheets were freshly folded and my clothes set out in neat piles -Underwear first.

Embarrassed to see the see the sheer exposure and lace on the soft bra, I blushed and ran my fingers over the material, quickly slipping it over my naked body. Feeling ashamed, I peeked at myself. Standing shocked, I observed my body, curves accentuated with the black boost in contrast. The lace spiraled in intricate patterns all along the bra, a singular small black bow conjoining the two cups together.

Analysing myself in the mirror on the dresser, I slipped on a matching pair of panties that Harry had picked out. Maybe it's what he would expect me to wear for our extra activities this night. The panties gave shape to my hips, giving my legs more curvature. Letting my hair loose from its wash, my half wet, thick layer of curls fell over my shoulder and I pushed it to the side, smiling as, for once, I was proud of what I saw. Bondage may have had more advantages at that time than I would have ever aspired.

Growing in confidence, I modeled and posed in the mirror, using the pole holding our bed as my tool, winding my glossy legs around it and flipping my hair back, my robe just over my shoulders to contrast with the dark secret of my new lingerie. Humming the same, familiar tune in my ear, I turned my back on the pole, squat dropping low to the fluffy cream carpet, my arms high over my head. It was a dance I had long since learnt before this, just hours before I got here; before I met him.

"Ana.. Wow" In that second, his voice was all so clear, all surrounding around me. I melted at his voice but immediately straightened and covered myself with my robe, fully enclosing it as I watched his lips press together with enjoyment from the reflection in the mirror. He had a buttered crumpet in his hand, nibbling at it as he made his way over to me. "How long have you been watching me?" Through the glass, I realised just how sexually attractive he could be in a black tank top and skinny jeans, even his old black socks were pulled off effortlessly. All black was such a turn on.

Harry's ripped arms closed around my waist and his nibbling transferred all too quickly to my neck and lips, his hands travelling all over my tender spots. "What does it matter?" He whispered in my ears, the heat of his breath on my lobes. I moved out of his reach to face him and felt his eyes burn through me as I walked slowly towards this mysterious guy that I had known for parallels of time, and I kissed him.

The crevices and creases of his lips were smooth along mine and I instantly bit his lips lightly for entrance. As he slipped his tongue through my lips, I enjoyed the new taste of him, drawing him closer as I let his fingers fiddle with the loose knot in my robe, letting it drop to the floor, the heat from it leaving me cool. Tracing the small of my back with his palms, Harry lifted my body and carried me to our bed. I felt weightless in his arms.

Maybe he would use me as his sexual slave? Maybe I didn't care. All of this was too much like a daydream. Mingled smells of coffee and sweet apple strudel were just as appetizing as him and I drank him in, our skin rubbing against the pillows as our kisses deepened; I fell deeper into my syndrome.

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