Held Hostage

// After a time, you stop counting the days. You stop watching the clock, wishing to be found.After a time, you stop hoping that you will escape, stop thinking about when the trauma will begin to haunt you; you know that you have been held hostage. //


10. Dangers of Sleep

Chapter 9

The heat between our bodies grew as his determination faded and the kisses became deeper; our warm bodies fusing against the hard wall. Harry paused, pressing his lip against my ear, nibbling the tip of my lobe before whispering "Let's take a walk". Withdrawing his body from my grasp, I whimpered but followed his lead towards the door. Tying the laces of his black boots, Harry smirked at my whimper; knowing that I needed him.

After Harry locked the front door, he took my hand and strolled past his car. I had a lingering airy feeling about it being out in the open but didn't object to his decision ~ I'm sure he knew what he was doing. That feeling passed as I realised that we weren't going too far. We walked silently for about 10 minutes, roughly two blocks from where the car was parked. 

The scenery began to change noticeably as we got closer to our end. The buildings became taller and more modern. There were more green areas and trees but, fortunately, less people. It was just Harry and I, the way I was comfortable. We approached arched doorless gate which led into an open garden. In the centre was a large fountain and on the outskirts were lavender plants alternating with bluebells. No one was in sight.

I followed Harry to the centre of the garden where the fountain was and sat beside him on the edge of it. I stared at him expectantly. "For you to be my girl, Ana," he paused and looked up from his lap, the smell of freshly cut grass was almost overpowering. I gazed into his eyes attentively. "I need to have some security, that you're going to stay." I furrowed my eyebrows at the statement, looking past him. Did I have the choice in the first place? Not that I ever felt the urge to leave now anyway. Did he think the affection was pretence? The idea was laughable; he knew that I was attracted to him, how much more security did he need? He continued.

"The first night I saw you." Harry paused to smile, his smile was so captivating, I could feel myself starting to smile to. "You looked... Like perfection, mysterious, vulnerable. I had to have you. Your style was showed aggression, it was so sexy." He saw me smile to myself and smirked in response. "I don't think you remember but you smiled at me, you looked down at the ground not keeping my gaze. I could tell you wanted me" I laughed at that and saw that he was joking as he laughed too. "Okay, maybe not but you did like the look of me. So I took you for myself." He shrugged and there was a small pause between us as I contemplated what he had said.

"I hated what I did to you. I didn't want you to hate me, or yourself. You were already beautiful. I didn't starve you for that. I just wanted you to need me, depend on me but fall for me too. That's why I kissed you" He looked at my lips and bit his own. "And obviously because I wanted to". 

"How did you know it worked?" He shot a stare at me, not expecting that question. His eyebrows furrowed and his eyes darted over mine. He leaned in slowly and cupped my face in his hands. His lips crashed into mine, pulling me closer into him. The kiss quickly intensified and I moaned into the kiss. He pulled away. "That's how". He answered breathily. I felt my cheeks heat.


On the ride back in Harry's car, a deep drowsiness overcame me and I drifted into a dreamy sleep. 

The night was cool and the stars had just began to make an entrance. I ran my fingers through my dark brunette curls for the fifth time since I had got ready that evening and adjusted my leather jacket. Feeling bold, I wore all black, having a black lacy crop top and black wet look shorts and matching black sandal heels. My make-up was nude with a subtle contour as I was having a night with the girls so I didn't mind going natural but didn't reject any male attention so I made the effort to contour. 

As we pulled up in a hired Mercedes, the chauffeur opened the door for us, helping us out. As I sat in the middle of the car between my two close friends, Vanessa and Lilli, I was the last to make an entrance form the slick car. And there he was. Quite a distance away, but close enough to see that I had his attention as he smirked, his eyes tracing my length. I couldn't help but to smile sheepishly, not holding my glance to his eyes but dropping my glance to the ground.

"Ana?" Vanessa laughed questioningly. I turned my glance to her instead, still felling the heat in my cheeks. "Huh?" I was brought back to reality as I pulled out a £20 note form my black and gold envelope clutch, giving it absent mindedly to the chauffeur and giving him a small smile that seemed far away. 

Turning back into the darkness, the figure was no longer leaned against his car but approaching me. I sould begin to see him more clearly now, his tall quiff set perfectly, a strand of which curled on his forehead. I could make out Lilli's small gasp in the background as she got Vanessa's attention. I could hear them in the background as they told me they would see me inside the cafe overlooking the sea. "Probably not" Vanessa added giggling as they walked away. My focus was elsewhere.

The next few moments were not as clear but I imagined the man, who I knew now to be 'Styles' leading me, arm in arm, to a restaurant near by. It wasn't cleche or something I'd done before but it felt simply right and we both upheld a cool and fun conversation. At the end of the night, we strolled by the beach before he offered to take me home. 

"I've never done anything like this before and... Tonight was incredible, thank you 'Mr. Styles' " I let go of his arm but moved in closer to him, feeling him respond by wrapping his arms around my back, pulling me into himself. It forced me to look into his eyes. The whole night was so surreal up to this point. These things just never happened, especially to me. I couldn't tell you when last a guy had paid any particular attention to me before ~ because no one had. It was both a mystery and a blessing how he had managed to look past my friends to me. Vanessa was modelling after all and Lilli...

"You're acting like you won't see me again. Oh, we'll be seeing each other often" He smiled, the last part almost a whisper as he leaned in. His nose was warm against mine, my hand reaching around his neck for stability as the lines of his lips graved mine...


"Ana?" A familiar voice broke my trance and I felt fingers gently get my hair out of my face. "Mhmm?" I groaned at the ache in my neck as I adjusted my position, opening my eyes reluctantly to see that we were almost there. Checking in the rear view mirror, I wiped away the oil that built up on the surface of my skin and was grateful that I hadn't dribbled and that Harry had woken me up. Pulling up on the side of the road, Harry ran out and pulled out a bandanna from the pocket of his black skinny jeans. The blindfold, how could I forget. I pang of annoyance and hurt hit me simultaneously. He still didn't trust me. 

I bit my lip fractionally as to avoid saying something stupid as he slipped the bandanna tight around my head. As he pulled his hand away from my head, finished with the quick knot that he had made, I held his wrist lightly "..Harry" I started but hesitated. It probably wasn't the time for questions, we were at the side of the road anyway. "Shh" he silenced me with his finger on my lip and, removing his finger, replaced it with his lips as we kissed.

As we drove, I felt weary that we weren't going the right way. The car tires went over rock and unstable ground as the car slowed to a stop. "Harry? Where are we" There was no reply. The side of his car slammed shut as he got out. Suddenly, my door was flung open and my seat belt was taken off as I was pulled from the car. "Harry?" I shouted, trying to resist the force pushing me up against the car. My body rocked with fear as I stifled a sob. 

"Calm down dear" Harry laughed and I instantly relaxed, breathing deeply as I started to laugh too. His lips groped at my neck, kissing harshly along my neck, like he wouldn't have another chance. His hands roamed my body as I moaned lightly "Harr.ry.." I managed as my body tensed. Pulling away, anger seemed to overcome him as he pushed me forcefully again onto the car. 

"You know don't you?" Harry spat out angrily and then laughed. I was getting scared of his mood swings."You know about the night I took you, don't you? I heard you in your sleep darling" Harry tightened his grip on my arms. Oh God, he was going to kill me. "I should've known." He whispered, pulling me into him again. Kissing me, I felt wet tears fall from his eyes and kissed him harder. Licking my bottom lip as we kissed, I denied him access to me and pulled away confused. "What does that matter Harry, I'm not leaving. What are you trying to say?"

That pause was the longest I had ever experienced. 

"I'm so sorry, Ana. I'm so sorry love"

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