Held Hostage

// After a time, you stop counting the days. You stop watching the clock, wishing to be found.After a time, you stop hoping that you will escape, stop thinking about when the trauma will begin to haunt you; you know that you have been held hostage. //


4. A Full Day

Chapter 3

Taking me by the hand, we followed the trail that the steamy mug of coffee created. His smooth fingers ran softly through my rough ones, the feeling of protection enveloping me completely. 

He lead me through  the dark, wet droplets of ice cold liquid ran down my back with spider like speed as I had not dried off properly as yet. I shuddered and arched my back instinctively. Each time we approached light in a corridor, he would turn off the switch to keep us in the blackness. It made me feel unique, as though he wouldn't want to share me, not even with the light. I was beginning to fall for that idea.

At the end of the corridor, he ran his hand down my back, motioning me to stop. My thighs were weak at his gentle touch and I was left butter when those green eyes met mine. "From now on," he started, his hand now tightening around my waist, "you will be my girl". His voice was rough and commanding and gave me tender shivers all over. I couldn't help but smile.

We walked into a room, his hand permanently fixed on my waist "You can refer to me as you wish" he paused and planted a kiss on my forehead. Whilst he was still so close to me, he whispered "Okay Ana?" I gasped a little, in shock that he knew my name. I tried to recall a time where I had exposed my name to him, scanning my brain to when we had first met, almost a lifetime ago. 

For the first time, I answered him.


I whispered quietly as I knew that the silence between us had lasted long enough. In a split second, I took a detailed look around the room, seeing as far through the empty blackness as I could. The room was large with grand windows draped in fine lace, providing us with the little amount of light that we had. On the right, I could faintly see the outline of a king sized bed with silk sheets of a colour that I couldn't make out, only imagine. I hoped that soon we would be together under those sheets...

"Come on, babe" he held my spare hand, leading me over to the large bed. Placing his steaming mug on the bed table, he took one last sip before pulling apart an almost transparent silk that shielded the large cloud of bed. I slipt in obediently and pushed my drying curls, a little frizzy and half wet, away from him, laying my head on a pillow facing him. He lay chest to chest, only inches between us, my heart rate elevating as I could see him smirking at me. I looked down, avoiding his gaze and stared at his hands that were enclosing around my stomach.

"It's Harry, by the way" his voice was soft, his breath tickling my ear lobe. Relief flooded through me along with a confusing sense of familiarity. Harry. I thought through it, the last detail that I could remember before drifting into a weighted sleep; not realising how much I had needed it.

~ Waking up to unfamiliarity and comfort is a strange feeling. I arouse to the scent of a creamy sweet coffee, the smell of cinnamon and apples crowded my nostrils. I took in as much as my nose could manage, the thought provoking food left a harsh pain in my stomach. Was I even allowed to eat like this? My eyes were still closed on the cloud pillows, awaiting the scrumptious surprise. 'Just because I was his, doesn't mean I could do what I wanted.' I reminded myself carefully, pushing the thought out of my head.

"Morning" Harry's voice was refreshing and smoky. His hands rolled over the curls of my hair and I opened my eyes, greeting him with a soft smile. I would manipulate this situation to get what I wanted. What I needed. "Morning, Harry" I covered half of my face with the silky sheets and reached tentatively for his hand.

Snaking my fingers onto the transparent tent around the king bed, his lips touched my finger tips, not quite feeling real as there was space between us. "I bet you can't wait for a full day with me" his chuckle filled the air and I shivered involuntarily with excitement, hope? I wasn't sure. "Oh and a full night too" Harry added a little more quietly. Excitement, I settled for. Damn was I excited.

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