The Hogwarts Years- Second Year

This is Catarneigh and Lucy's second year at Hogwarts.
When Alfred Posh is released from Azkaban, his only goal is to kidnap Hogwarts students.
And when Catarneigh's sister Heather goes missing it's up to Cat to save her- with the help of a new little friend





I sat in a compartment with two people I didn't know. I suppose I should get to know them but right now I wasn't in the mood for making friends. The last friend I made turned out to be an ice-making murderer. I pushed my mousy brown curls in front of me- I had a habbit of doing this, and that's when I saw her walk past. She didn't notice me but I noticed her.

She should have been expelled! She killed someone.

'Wasn't she your friend?' asked a red-headed girl.

'Was,' I said.

'Aren't you going to sit with her?' asked her brown-haired friend.

'No. We were friends, but not anymore. Besides, how do you know all this? Your first years.'

'Everyone knows how Catarneigh Salucci struck Natalia Bluddersmith with ice,' said the red-headed girl.

'Bluddersmith deserved it. Her whole family deserves to be killed with ice,' said red-heads friend.


'What? Everyone else thinks it. That Portia Peartree's two-faced, her family sits there slagging her off to my family,' said 'Amy'

Red head went quiet after that.

Portia's family slag the Bluddersmiths off, not Portia herself, therefore she's not the two-faced one.

I felt like telling Amy this but I decided against it, I wasn't gonna spend three hours arguing with a first year about Portia Peartree.

Red head and Amy started getting into a heated argument- I have no clue what it was about. In the end I got sick of them and left the compartment.

I searched the train for at least an empty compartment. In the end I settled for a compartment with one person in. Sadly, that was Portia, though at the time I didn't know. She looked at me and didn't say a word, so I decided to ask the question I've really been needing to know.

'Is Bluddersmith dead?'

Portia seemed quiet taken by this. It took her a while to process what I said- she's a bit of a slow one.

'Um, I think she's okay- yeah she is. She's coming in didn't want everyone pestering her on the train,'

My heart sank. And not because I'm a heartless bitch like my step-brother said. My heart only sank because then if Natalia Bluddersmith was dead that would mean Catarneigh would get expelled and even worse go to Azkaban, or get put in St Mungos, either way I wouldn't have to see her again.

I know you must be thinking it's a stupid thing to want someone to go to Azkaban for but someone with ice powers which they can't control should not be allowed out.

'Since you and Salucci aren't friends anymore, you can be friends with me and Natalia,' said Portia.

I hesitated.

Do you really want to be friends with Natalia Bluddersmith and Portia Peartree, Tilly?

I looked around the compartment.

I suppose they're better than no one. Plus, I'll get protection from Natalia.

'Yeah,' I said. 'I'll be friends with you.'

Portia squealed!

How old is this child? Twelve or two?

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