The Hogwarts Years- Second Year

This is Catarneigh and Lucy's second year at Hogwarts.
When Alfred Posh is released from Azkaban, his only goal is to kidnap Hogwarts students.
And when Catarneigh's sister Heather goes missing it's up to Cat to save her- with the help of a new little friend




 I'd heard Catarneigh and Finnigan discussing Cat's missing sister in Charms earlier.

 She can't even look after her own sister.

'What's wrong?' I heard Natalia Bluddersmith ask.

 We were sitting in the common room, just me, Natalia and Portia.

'I'm just thinking of Salucci.'

'What you thinking of her for? Have you forgotten what she did to me?'

'Of course I haven't, Nat, it's just...'

'What? What is it?'

'I think her sister's gone missing.'

'The loner in first year? How could she have gone missing. Alfred Posh take her?' joked, Natalia.

'He could have.' I said.

 He probably has.

'Well, maybe he can take icy along with her. That's a Salucci nobody needs.'

 Portia laughed at Natalia's nickname for Cat.

 Small things amuse small minds.

'Why did Posh chose her sister out of everybody?' asked Portia, once she'd calmed down from laughing.

'Probably because her life's so difficult. It wouldn't surprise me if Heather Salucci had gone with him willingly, to be honest, if I was related anyway to Catherine Salucci, I'd choose Posh anyday.'

 Portia laughed again.

'Her names Catarneigh.' I said.

 Natalia gave me a death glare. 'I don't care what her name is. Anyway, if you're that bothered what we call her, why don't you run along to your 'best friend' now. I can tell you'd rather be with her, than with us.'

 I stood up, having enough of Natalia and her names and Portia's stupid put-on-laughing. 'Maybe I will.'

 I walked over to the door.

'Makes you a tooth-faced bitch, then, doesn't it, Polo.'

 I turned back around.

'You sit there- or did sit there- laughing along to what I called her, joining in yourself, and now you want to run along back to her. I doubt she'll be friends with you. There was that time in Potions when you insulted both her and Mudblood-Finnigan at the same time. I doubt she's going to forget that.'

 I left the common room, hearing Natalia and Portia laugh. I didn't have any idea where I was going but I knew I couldn't stay with those two.

 Cat will be friends with me again, won't she?

  I thought about her sister, in the clutches of Alfred Posh.

 I'm the least of her problems.

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