The Hogwarts Years- Second Year

This is Catarneigh and Lucy's second year at Hogwarts.
When Alfred Posh is released from Azkaban, his only goal is to kidnap Hogwarts students.
And when Catarneigh's sister Heather goes missing it's up to Cat to save her- with the help of a new little friend




I kept one walking past millions of people who were headed to the Great Hall. I crossed the Courtyard and walked into the Owlery.

The Owlery was a cold circular room, mostly because none of the windows had glass on them. This allowed the owls to fly in and out. The floor was covered in straw and owl dropping and the occasional mouse skeleton and other things the owls had brought in with them. The owls themselves were nestled on perches that rose as high as the tower itself.

I whistled for Bert, who was now moved out of the dorm and into here, to come down to me. Once he did, I attached the letter to his leg.

'You know what to do. Fly around, hear the whistle, follow the whistle.' I said. I watched as Bert flew out of the window. This time I didn't wait for the whistle and instead left and walked to my lesson.

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