The Hogwarts Years- Second Year

This is Catarneigh and Lucy's second year at Hogwarts.
When Alfred Posh is released from Azkaban, his only goal is to kidnap Hogwarts students.
And when Catarneigh's sister Heather goes missing it's up to Cat to save her- with the help of a new little friend




I woke up in the night to find Lucy asleep and lying her head on my bed while her body was still in the chair. I smiled. I felt weird. I looked left to the next bed to find Heather sleeping there.

Thank god I found her.

I heard her wake up. It was horrible hearing her but not being able to comfort her, listening to Lucy having to do it. I'd also heard Lucy and Shaun's conversation. He was gone now. Probably got kicked out or something. It did make me smile to think he was there, and it wasn't only Lucy who gave one about it. I kind of wished Tilly had come, but she hadn't. I tried moving, but my body was still sore. I barely remembered what happened. Just Heather lying there, and Zarya...


I never thought about Zarya when I was 'asleep' and now it made me guilty. I hope they had brought her up. To be honest, I have no idea how I ended up here. I was terrified of waking up and being in that cave still. My mind wandered frequently to Alfred Posh. He must have been sent back to Azkaban now. I didn't see him in the room. 

Suddenly I felt really tired and slowly closed my eyes.


'I'm so happy you woke, Cat.' said Lucy. 

We were having our breakfast. I was still too weak to sit up on my own and was propped up by four pillows. Heather- who had woken before me- was sitting at the end of my bed. Most of her strength had returned but she still wasn't allowed to leave the hospital wing until at least tomorrow.

'I didn't want to wake up. I was terrified that I'd wake up and I'd still be in the cave.'

Heather looked down. 'I'm sorry, Cat. I shouldn't have believed Posh. It was stupid, and something Rose would probably have done.'

'It's okay, Heather. You weren't supposed to know.' I said, reassuringly.

'I did, though. I knew who I was talking to. I knew who he was. I knew what he'd done...'

I looked back a Lucy, unable to talk anymore about Alfred Posh.

'How long have you been here for?' I asked her.

'About a week. That's how long you've been asleep for. Heather's been awake for two days.'

I didn't ask how long me and Heather had been asleep for, but I knew it had been a long time.

'I heard you, you know. Even when I was asleep, my mind was awake. I heard you comforting Heather. It was horrible having to listen to her screaming and crying, and not being able to do anything about it. I also heard what you said about Emily.'

'I didn't mean it in a bad way. I just don't have the courage to go down there and face Posh on my own. The forest told you that.'


Then I asked the question I wanted to know.

'Is Zarya alive?'

'Yeah. She was badly hurt, but Pepper healed her. She's been in the boat house, but she hasn't been settled, according to Shaun. He had to lock the boat house to stop her from coming up here.'

'Shaun stayed with her?'

'Yeah. Apparently he still remembered the promise you'd made him about him being able to see her and he volunteered to look after her. I don't think I've seen a boy that in love with an animal before.' Lucy laughed.

I smiled. I was happy Zarya wasn't on her own and that she was okay.

'Have you been to any of your lessons?' I asked.

Lucy shook her head. 'I refused. Said I was staying here with you. I was terrified you wouldn't wake up...'

I noticed something was wrong with Lucy.

'What's up?'

'I didn't tell Dumbledore where you were. Emily was terrified that Posh was going to come after her so I had to calm her down. Besides, Dumbledore was out. Once he came back, and once I'd calmed Em down, I ran up to his office. I told him where you were but he said he already knew.'


'Tilly told him.'

'Tilly? But how did she know?'

'The whole schools knows. I have no idea how. Some people say it was Donald Hill in the year above who found out and told everyone. I dunno.'


The week past quickly enough. Two days later I was fit to leave the hospital room. Thanks to this Donald Hill, everyone already knew what had happened in the cave so I hardly got pestered. 

We were making our way to the carriages, with Zarya in front of me,  as the school year had ended.

'I might try out for Quidditch next year. They're looking for a Chaser apparently because the one they've already got isn't coming back next year. I might try out for it, if nothing happens next year.' said Lucy.

' should. But, you haven't been on a broom since the beginning of first year.' I pointed out.

'I'll practice over the summer. It just won't be in a forest.'

I laughed at Luce's little joke.

'Something will happen next year. Rose is coming.' said Heather.

'The only thing Rose is going to worry about is why there's no good looking boys in her year.'

Heather laughed. That's when I realised she was with us.

'Heather, you should be on the boat.'

'Oh yeah...' I watched as she ran off back the way we'd came.

'They would've let her ride with us.' said Lucy.

'I know. But she can't be round me all the time. Besides, she's learnt her lesson.'


I looked around to see Tilly.

'What?' I said.

'I'm happy you're okay. You and your sister. I told Dumbledore where you were.'

'I know. Lucy told me.'

'I'm sorry I've ignored you all year. I've been stuck with Bluddersmith and Peartree since September and they're absolutely horrible. I should have been with you. If I had, you probably would've found your sister quicker. I'm sorry I didn't visit you while you were in hospital, Bluddersmith wouldn't let me. I was wondering if we could be friends again. I'll understand it if we can't. I'm sorry I called you a mudblood, Lucy.'

I had been waiting for Tilly to ask to be friends with us and she did apologise to Lucy...

'Fine. As long as you don't ever call Lucy a mudblood again.'

Tilly grinned. 'I promised.'

The three of us climed on to the carriage. I was happy we were a trio again and braced myself for whatever drama happened next year.

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