The Hogwarts Years- Second Year

This is Catarneigh and Lucy's second year at Hogwarts.
When Alfred Posh is released from Azkaban, his only goal is to kidnap Hogwarts students.
And when Catarneigh's sister Heather goes missing it's up to Cat to save her- with the help of a new little friend




The entrance led to a long sandy tunnel. From the moment I entered it, I could feel the strong wind blowing. It didn't bother me, but it did make walking more difficult.

'Lumos,' I said, my wand lighting up.

I followed the long, straight tunnel until it led to the back of the mountain. The waves crashed furiously against the rocks. I looked left and noticed a cave.

This is it. This is where Heather is.

I moved sideways trying to avoid the seaweed that covered the rocks. My feet slipped but luckily Zarya caught me.

'Thank you.' I carried on moving sideways until there was enough space to walk properly. I then walked to the mouth of the cave.

Once I was at the mouth, I stopped. Unsure whether or not to go on. Then I thought of Heather, all along down there, thinking nobody cared about her and that gave me the willpower to move on.

'Nox.' I light went out.

It was hard to see where I was going with no light. I had to feel my way around using the wall. As I walked, my foot slipped and me and Zarya slid down a hill. We both landed in water. It was black but not that deep, though the smell was enough to make anyone sick.

I'd swap this any day for the Mersey.

I got out of the water, soaking and walked along a bridge. I then entered another room. This must have been the main room of the cave. The walls were a horrible brown colour and the bridge wasn't any better.

How could anyone live here? 

Suddenly, Zarya started howling and ran to the bottom of the cave. I followed her and lying on the floor was Heather. I threw my wand onto the floor and skidded over to her.

'Heather! Heather, please still be alive, Heather! Please! Put me out of my misery, please wake up! Heather! As I was trying to wake my sister, I heard a voice from behind. The same piercing voice from the forest.

'You can try. But she won't wake.'

I turned around to find Alfred Posh standing there, holding my wand. Zarya started to growl.

'Is she alive?' I asked.

'Just about.' said Posh, casually.

'Can I have my wand back?'

'This?' Posh held up my wand. 'I don't think you'll be needing this.' he snapped it in half and threw it into the water. 'You see...while I was in Azkaban, my wand was taken from me. Snapped in half. Just like yours. Though...luckily, a good friend of mine gave me their spare.' he went into his own pocket and pulled out his wand. It had funny markings all over it and was gray.

'What friends have you got?' I sneered.

'I've got lots. More than you can say. You've only got one.'

'Zarya's my friend!'

'Zarya?' Posh looked at my wolf then back at me. 'Oh, the animal. Well, wolves don't exactly make a good friend now, do they?'

'She is my friend. And she protects me. Anyway, enough of that, I have to save my sister.'

'Ah, sisterly love. Very nice. Of course, Heather doesn't feel the same way about you.'

'What do you mean?'

'Well...Being the smart girl you are, you probably figured out that your sister was sending letter to me all year. But what you don't know is what was in those letters. You see...Heather told me everything. From your powers to her feeling like she was stuck in your shadow. Perfectly understandabe, I should know, after all.' Posh began to walk around me. I kept on listening. 'I developed a friendly relationship with your sister, after all, I was the only one she could talk to. That's what makes this job so easy. Once they're your friend, you can manipulate them in any way you want and they wouldn't even expect a thing. That's how your sister ended up here.' Posh started grinning wildly.

'You haven't done anything to her, have you?'

Posh laughed madly. He rasied his wand ready to curse me. Zarya jumped on him and knocked him to the floor, just like in the forest. But unlike the forest, Posh saw this coming.

'Stupey!' he cursed. Zarya went flying and hit the back of the cave. 'It's just me and you, and remember; I'm the one with the wand.'

Posh raised his wand again. 'Stupey!'

I dived onto the floor and missed the curse by millimeters. 

Think, Cat. Think!

I looked down at my hand. Ice! I moved my hand and five icicles, as sharp as broken glass flew out and aimed themselves at Posh. Posh dodged four but he couldn't dodge the fifth and it hit him in the leg. He screamed in agony as he pulled the icicle out of his leg.

'Stupid girl!' He aimed a silent curse at me. I put both my hands up to create a block of ice. Posh's curse hit the wall and bounced off, rebounding back to him. Posh quickly jumped out of the way. I looked up to the ceiling. Icicles had began to form on it. I started at it, trying to make them fall down. Posh, meanwhile was standing back up. I kept looking at the ceiling, hoping my fear would make the icicles fall down.

'Avada Kedavra!' screamed Posh.

A flash of green light shot out of Posh's wand. Just as it had missed me, the icicles on the ceiling fell down. All of them pinning Posh to the floor. I got up and ran to Heather, trying to find her wand. Once I had hold of it, I ran over to Posh and aimed it at him. Posh grabbed his wand with his free hand and went to curse me, but this time, I was quicker.

'Expelliarmus!' Posh's wand flew out of his hand. 'I think the only place for you is Azkaban.'

As Posh lay there, pinned to the floor, I ran back to my sister. She was still unconscious. I suddenly felt weak and tired. I looked at my hands, they had the snowflake pattern on them again. I looked back at Heather. My eyesight went and my head started spinning then I collaspsed next to Heather.

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