The Hogwarts Years- Second Year

This is Catarneigh and Lucy's second year at Hogwarts.
When Alfred Posh is released from Azkaban, his only goal is to kidnap Hogwarts students.
And when Catarneigh's sister Heather goes missing it's up to Cat to save her- with the help of a new little friend




 The man had dark brown hair that reached his shoulders. He wore stripey black and white ragged clothing. It looked very similar to the one that Azkaban inmates have to wear. His eyes were dark and sunken, the only emotion he showed was hunger.

 I've seen him before.

 Then it hit me.

 The photograph. The newspaper. He's Alfred Posh!

 Horror shook me. I took a step back, taking Lucy with me.

'Now, now...I'm not going to hurt you.' said Posh. He took a step closer.


 I went into my own pockets and pulled out my wand. Posh noticed this. He raised his wand, ready to strike a body-binding curse, or something worse, when suddenly a creature from nowhere pounced on him.

 The creature pinned Posh down and sunk its teeth into his throat. Posh cried out in pain. The creature sensed he was going to die in minutes time and pulled its teeth out of Posh's throat. Posh laid there...lifeless. I stared at him. Not believeing what I had just witnessed. I turned my gaze towards Lucy. Shock filled my friend's face. I then turned back to the creature- a wolf. Shocked that it had just saved me.

'Th-thank you,' I stuttered, helplessly. Still not believing my eyes. The wolf bent its head down, in an act of welcome.

 I smiled a little.

'Ca- can we go back now?'

 I nodded. We walked slowly back through the forest, still recovering from shock. Once at the edge of the forest, I turned around to see the wolf that had saved us in front of me. Now that we were in proper light, I was able to see what the wolf looked like. Its fur was snow white. Its eyes of eletric blue.

 It looks like me.

'Why has it followed us?' I heard Lucy ask me.

'Wolves protect anyone who is in danger. After that, their only loyalty is to you. That's why its here with us.'

'Uh-huh' Lucy mummbled.

 I searched into my pocket and pulled out my wand again.

'Ictus!' I said. Lucy was instantly out of shock.

'What did you say?'

'The wolf's followed us because they protect people. After that, they're only loyal to you. Or us, in our case,'

'Okay. But you'll have to have it. There's no way my mum's gonna let me have a wolf living in our house. Emily will be terrified.'

'I'll keep it. My house is big enough for it. Heather's not scared of anything and I don't really care about Rose,'

 I like Heather better anyway.

'How? You can't have wolves in Hogwarts, Cat!'

'Well, it's gonna keep on following us unless we care for it.'

'How are you gonna get it past the teachers?'

'Okay. Can we stop calling it 'it'. I walked over to the wolf and lifted its leg up.

 Finding out if it's a girl or boy will help with avoiding calling it 'it'.

'Okay. 'It' is now a girl.'

'Great. Now we've got that out of the way. But how are you going to get girl up to Hogwarts?'

 'It' sounds better.

'I'm sure we'll find a way. Come on,'

 Me, Lucy and the wolf made it to the Entrance Door.

 That's a start.

'Where are we gonna put her?' asked Lucy, as she was looking out for teachers.

'There's always the Owlery.' I suggested.

'She'll eat all the owls,' I don't see you coming up with suggestions, Louisa.

'The boat house. That only gets used, like onced a year,' we turned around and headed towards the boat house.

 Once there, I knelt down so that I was eye level with the wolf.

'Now listen. You have to stay here. I'll be back tomorrow with some food. I'm sure you can drink the water for now. I'll try to visit you as much as I can, though I'm not making any promises.'

 The wolf somehow seemed to understand me. I got up and walked towards the door as the wolf got comfortable in the boat.

'She needs a name, Cat,' said Lucy.

 I looked at the wolf. Then back at her.

 There was only one name that would suit this wolf.

'Zarya,' I left.

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