The Hogwarts Years- Second Year

This is Catarneigh and Lucy's second year at Hogwarts.
When Alfred Posh is released from Azkaban, his only goal is to kidnap Hogwarts students.
And when Catarneigh's sister Heather goes missing it's up to Cat to save her- with the help of a new little friend





I saw Heather come back into the Great Hall, but instead of my sister sitting back on the Ravenclaw table, she sat on the Gryffindor table.

'He was spotted hanging around the school!' shouted someone from the Gryffindor table. I looked over.

'Who has?' I heard a Gryffindor girl ask.

'Alfred Posh, who else?' Shaun asked, rhetorically.

'He won't come here, will he?' asked Emily.

'He shouldn't do.' reassured her Hufflepuff friend.

'But what if he-' began Emily. She was suddenly interrupted by the Great Hall door opening. I looked over to see someone walked in and slowly walk towards the Ravenclaw table.

'Natalia!' squeaked Portia, happily. She ran towards Natalia.

I looked away. Natalia hadn't changed much since last year but she now had a platinum blonde streak in her hair from when I had hit her. I noticed she purposely sat opposite me.

'Look at what you've done!' snarled Natalia, grabbing the platinum streak in her hair. 'I look like an absolute idiot!'

'You already looked like an idiot.' commented Lucy.

'Shut it, Mudblood!'

'Are you sure you want to call her that?' said a girl. She must have been at least a year older than I was. 'I mean, isn't that the reason Salucci hit you?'

'Come on, Portia. I'm not staying here with ice-creating-murdering freak!' Natalia got up, literally dragging Portia with her and moved further down the table. Grinning, Tilly followed them.

Good luck with your new friends.

'She's a right nasty little thing, isn't she?' asked the girl. 'I'm Lily, by the way.'



'Listen Cat, I'd ignore her. If anything, she deserves having the streak in her hair. Might make her look better,' Lily and Lucy grinned, I however, looked over at Natalia.

For the rest of the day, Natalia kept throwing me and Lucy snide remarks. Mostly about my ice powers and Lucy's blood status.

Me and Lucy were walking around the castle.

'Want to come up to the Ravenclaw common room with me?' I asked.

'I can't, Cat. Hufflepuff, remember?' said Lucy, looking at her uniform.

'I didn't stop you the last time. Besides, anyone says anything, I'll just say I invited you.'

We made our way to the common room. Nobody asked anything about Lucy being there, probably because they were scared I would turn them into an ice statue or something.

We entered the dorm. Lucy flopped down onto my bed.

'You know, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw have the exact same dorm, apart from the colours. The layouts the same and everything.'

'Really?' I asked, joining her.

'Yeah. It's a shame Bluddersmith's back. I was actually enjoying it without her.'

'Yeah,' I said, quietly.

We went silent for a few minutes. Then-

'I was thinking, do you want to go into the Dark Forest?' I asked, after the silence.

'Um...Dumbledore said we weren't allowed.'

'Yeah, but I want to find out why we aren't allowed.'

'Shame we won't be able to share it with everyone since we'll be dead!'

Bit dramatic, Luce.

'Come on, Luce. I heard there were unicorns in there.'

A smile started to spread across Lucy's face.

I knew they were her favourite creatures.

Suddenly, the door opened and Tilly walked in. She looked over at us and ignored us for a moment until-

'You know Finnigan's not supposed to be here.' she said, not even bothering to look at us.

'Well, I invited her.' I said, defensively.

'Well, I think she should leave. I wanna talk to you.'

'Anything you want to say to Catarneigh, you can say it to me as well.' said Lucy, kneeing up on the bed.

'Go away, Mudblood! I want to talk to Salucci alone!' I had never heard Tilly say the word mudblood before. Anger and ice started to burn up inside me. Then I felt Lucy's hand on my shoulder, most likely to calm me down- it actually worked.

'It's okay, Cat. I'll go.' Lucy shuffled off the bed and left the room. I watched her go then turned back to Tilly.

'So, what is it you wanted to talk to me about?'

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