Starting Over

Victoria Alice is the most popular and rich girl in school, but once she bumps into Michael Clifford, an unpopular weirdo, she first laughs at him and bullies him. But then, she sees something in him, that makes her fall for him. Will he fall for her? And if he did, will Victoria become a different person?


1. Life of a Popular

Victoria's POV

I was laughing with Taylor and Callie when I saw a guy with glasses and suspenders looking at me. I scowled at him and hit his books to the ground and laughed with my friends. The kid frowned and ran away and I smirked.

"Nice going, Vicky!" Callie praised me. I smiled and we walked to our next class.

"Who is your teacher?" Taylor asked me.

"Mrs.Tross. She is such an annoying teacher!" I told them.

"Oh my god I know right! Always giving us homework, and teaching us stuff, ugh it's disgusting." Callie agreed. I walked to my locker as Troy walked up to my locker.

"Hey babe." Troy kissed my cheek.

"Hey, Troy! So listen, tomorrow Callie is throwing a party, so let's go shopping today after school!" I suggested and he nodded and put his hand around my waist as I closed my locker. We walked to my class and he kissed me and I walked to my class and he walked to his.

*skip to lunch*

I walked to the cafeteria with Callie and Taylor and four boys raced passed us.

"Yo nerds! Watch where your going!" I screamed at them. The one with the blonde hair and extremely long fringe turned around and shrugged.

"Sorry! Band practice! I'm Michael by the way! See ya!" He shouted across the hallway and caught up to the three other boys.

"Ugh, idiots. They don't know who they just messed with. I'll give them a break this time, since I'm in a good mood." I said, and the girls nodded and we took a seat next to Troy.

"So, I want a snickers bar, but I don't wanna loose weight. What do you think babe?" I asked Troy.

"Don't worry, you look hot, your fine." He said and kissed my cheek and I smirked.

*skip to after school*

I walked out of school and took the keys out and unlocked my cherry red ferrari. I drove to my house and I saw those four dorks while driving home.

"Nice fringe, dork!" I laughed at Michael and he shrugged and kept talking to the skinny guy. I frowned and kept driving to my house. As I got out of my car to my mansion house, I heard my puppy barking loudly. I came inside as my puppy, Fluffy ran to me, and I giggled.

"Hi daddy!" I called and my dad came in, fixing his tie on his fancy suit.

"Hey darling, I have to go. Work stuff." He said while walking outside. I fake smiled and waved as I ran to my room. I was on Twitter, until I heard loud rock music from next door. That fringe dork lives there, and it's really getting annoying. I strutted to his house and knocked on the door with anger. That freak, Michael or whatever, opened the door and smirked.

"Hey, mind shutting up in there? I have better things to do than listen to your crap. Tell the monkeys over there the same thing." I complained.

"No, because this is my house. And what are your doing so important? Checking your makeup? We are making art in here, so please leave." He said and closed the door on me. I gawked. That fringe freak just shut the door on me. I knocked the door even harder, and he opened the door and rolled his eyes.

"Don't EVER close the door on Victoria Alice! I'm the most popular and richest I girl in school, so I suggest you don't mess with me!" I threatened him, and he laughed.

"I'm sorry, when did I show interest? And never threaten me, boy or girl, I can be just as mean as you, princess. Goodbye." He said as he closed the door on me AGAIN! I grunted and strutted back to my house. I went back to my Twitter profile, and I decided to look at Michael's. I looked at his profile, which had pretty funny tweets! I almost clicked follow, but I stopped myself. Why in the world was I looking at Michael What's-His-Name? I'm happy NOT following a loser. I lied on my bed and thought. Michael's eyes were so pretty, and I liked his sass. Like he didn't care what people thought of him. That's amazing. I sat up and pinched myself.

"STOP! STOP STOP STOP! Why are you think if that dork? You have a cute, popular boyfriend named Troy. Unless, can't be possible!" I yelled, and the doorbell rang. I owned the door, and Michael stood there.

"Hey, do you have any sugar?" Michael asked. I sighed, walked to the kitchen and grabbed some sugar, and handed it to him. Before he left, I put my hand on his shoulder.

"Hey, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have been so mean." I said for some reason. He laughed.

"It's okay, whatever. I'm used to it. Do you want to come for our band practice?" Michael asked. I widened my eyes, and cleared my throat.

"Uhhh, yeah, sure." I agreed and walked to his house with him. Why am I doing this? What happened to me when Michael came? Why was I not my popular self? What's going to happen to me? Oh no, I better not like him him. I BETTER NOT!!!!

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