Fallen L.H.

You never really know someone until they tell you their deepest secret. Is it worth it? Are They worth it? Should you risk the danger? The danger of love?
The danger of hate? The danger of pain?


4. Chapter 4


I looked at the barn for a second, then I ran down the stairs to the first parent I saw. Out of breath, I forced out "Dad... There's... A....dollhouse...outside....it's... on fire.... look..." I grabbed his arm, and pulled him to the back door where I saw the dollhouse/barn. "Look" I said I as I slid open the door. I was looking at his face as he looked out into the yard. He looked at the yard confused, then looked at me. He looked me in the eye with an almost sympathetic look. I finally turned my head to the yard, to see it untouched, and definitely without a burning child's toy. My eyes widened, and I felt a lump form in my throat. "WHAT??? IT WAS HERE I SWEAR!!!" I said loudly, my voice coming out a lot higher pitched than I imagined it would. "I'm sure it was honey." My dad, said rubbing my shoulders. I jerked my body away from his touch. "No. I'm not crazy. It was here. I. Saw. It." I said, my voice returning to it's proper pitch. His eyes were calm and his smile was loving. "I never said you were crazy, Michaela. I do, however think you are under quite a bit of stress with this whole move thing, and having to go to a new school without all of your friends. You need to relax, sweetheart. You want me to make you some hot cocoa? It used to calm you down when you were little, remember?" I just nodded. My head was spinning a little. Maybe he was right. I have been under quite a bit of stress lately, and... no. It was definitely there. I decided to keep my mouth shut, and just let my dad think I'm just a stressed out teenager until I have solid proof of... what? What exactly am I looking for proof for? I squeezed my eyes shut and sighed. Soon my dad was back with the hot chocolate. He smiled, and handed me my mug. "Thanks. Is it alright if I take this upstairs?" I asked, slowly stepping in the direction of the staircase. He looked me in the eye for a little while, then said "Go. Don't tell your mother though, and don't forget to bring the cup back downstairs." He winked at me. I smiled. "Thank you. I will." I ran up the stairs as quickly as I could while still managing to not spill the hot chocolate. I made it to my room, and set the cup on my nightstand. I opened the top drawer of my dresser, and removed the false bottom I put in three years ago, to reveal the journal I decided to keep and write all the weird things that happen in. I sipped from the cup, then started writing every single detail I could remember from the short memory. I finished writing in the journal, put it back into the drawer with the false bottom, then finished the hot cocoa. It was almost midnight when I finished everything, so I decided to put off my homework and go to sleep.


I woke up to my stupid alarm blaring at me. I groaned as hit it so that it would shut up. I rubbed my eyes to get the sleep out of them. I went to my bathroom, and looked at myself. I looked like a complete wreck. Half of my hair was wavy, and the other half was straight. I just brushed it into a ponytail, because I really didn't feel like dealing with it today. My bangs fell out, since they were too short, so I just pushed them to the side of my face where they belonged. I grabbed my All Time Low sweatshirt and threw it on. It technically was still 'warm' outside, but being from Florida, it seemed pretty freaking cold to me. I put on black skinny jeans, and then went to make my face presentable. I put on a black smokey eye for eye shadow, and clear lipgloss. The jewelry was simple, just black feather earrings and a black and silver ring with X's on it. I ran down the stairs, and grabbed my converse from in front of the door. My dad had already left for work, and I thought my mom had as well, until I heard a gasp followed by stifled cries. I walked over to her. "Mom, are you ok?" I asked, lightly putting my hand on her shoulder. She jumped, then looked at me. Her green eyes looked more vibrant against the red from her crying. He normally perfect bun was a mess, and pieces hung down into her face. She looked at me for a split second, then started wiping her eyes with the end of her sleeves. "I'm fine." She finally forced out. I just nodded. I knew she was lying, but my mother was a difficult woman. If she didn't want to tell you something, she wouldn't, and pushing her would only make it worse. I tried to hug her, but it just ended up being awkward and stiff. I left immediately after to avoid any more awkwardness.


I had made it through the first half of my school day, and I was getting my stuff together to head to lunch. As I slithered my way through the narrow, crowded hallways of Silverton High, I felt a hand grab my shoulder. It wasn't shockingly cold, so I knew it wasn't Luke, which left me unexplainably disappointed. I turned, and saw that it was Connor. "Hey!" He said, preppy as ever. It was kinda growing on me though, so I smiled at him. "Hey." I responded, not quite as enthusiastic as his 'hey' was. "You're, uh, probably wondering why I stopped you huh." I said, almost nervously. "eh, not really... but amuse me. Why did you?" I asked. "Just thought I would walk you to the table I guess." He smiled. I just nodded. I walked with Connor, who was constantly trying to make conversation, which just made everything more awkward. When we finally made it to our table, everyone was there but Luke, which I've noticed is pretty usual for him to be fashionably late. I stood up to throw away the wrapper to my granola bar, when Luke walked into the cafeteria. As he approached, I felt his eyes on me. I started getting uncomfortable, so when he finally got close enough, I decided to try and say something witty. "Finally decided to join us, huh?" I said calmly. I mentally counted that as a success. He ignored my question. "Don't you think it's a little too warm for a sweatshirt?" He said in a low voice that sent a chill down my spine. "Not for me. I'm used to Florida weather. This is sweatshirt weather back home." I responded cooly. He just made a hum sound, showing that he understood. "So you like All Time Low?" He asked, reading the band name on the shirt. "Yeah. I think they are pretty great." I said, looking down at the shirt. He just nodded, and started heading to the table. I remembered last night, and before I could think about what I was doing, I reached out and grabbed his arm. He stopped suddenly, and looked at me with a surprised look. I just looked at him for a second. "I..uhm.. something weird happened again last night." I choked out. I mentally kicked myself for hesitating and looking stupid. He turned his body towards me, and had a serious look on his face. He never spoke, so I took that as my cue to continue talking. I told him about the dollhouse/barn, I told him about telling my dad, I told him about it being mysteriously gone and not even leaving a burn mark on the ground, and I told him about my dad blaming it on being stressed out. Luke didn't say a word as I told my story. He would just occasionally nod his head. When I finally finished, Luke looked at me, and said, "Maybe he's right." I just stared, only blinking once. "What?" I finally asked. "Maybe you're just stressed out. Maybe you imagined the dollhouse or whatever." He said calmly. So many emotions started speeding through my body, making me want to jump out of my skin. "What the hell are you talking about??? Aren't you the guy telling me that a dead guy stares at me through my window and dangles keys at me? Why is that believable and this isnt? I..." I started getting worked up, when Luke started laughing. "What are you laughing at?" I asked, slightly annoyed. "Michaela... I was just kidding... I fully expected this to happen actually." He said, calming down from laughing. I was slightly frustrated with him for messing with me, but at the same time, I couldn't get over how my name sounded when he said it. Then his sentence registered in my head. "Wait, what do you mean you fully expected this? Did you do it?" I asked. "No! Of course I didn't do this. But I expected this. It's just helping me prove that I'm right. Don't worry. You'll find out about everything when the time is right." He said, before walking to the lunch table. I stood there, completely baffled for a few moments, before I followed him. I sat back down, and everyone was staring at me. "What?" I finally asked. "Oh nothing. We all just couldn't help but notice you and Mr.Hemmings over here having a moment by the very romantic spot next to the trashcan." Cody joked, causing everyone but me, Luke and Connor to laugh. I felt myself blush slightly. I'm bad in situations like this. Luke noticed and smirked, making it worse. The bell rang, signaling the end of lunch. I mentally thanked God, then grabbed my stuff, and hurried out of the cafeteria. "Michaela, wait!" I spun around quickly, and saw Raven speeding towards me. When she finally reached me, she smiled. That's when I noticed her lip was pierced on the bottom right side. "So, jokes aside, do you actually like Luke?" She had a childish smile on her face. I sighed. "Oh my God. Are we in middle school or something?" I said, coming out a lot more rude than I intended. The snide remark didn't faze her. "Do you?" She asked again. I rolled my eyes. "Of course not. He's not really my type."I quickly responded. She didn't flinch. "Alright. I'll see you tomorrow then." She quickly headed in the other direction. Then I started thinking... Did I have feelings for him? I mean the whole mysterious guy thing was kinda hot.... I shook my head. Of course I didn't. I mean he was kinda creepy, always trying to get in my business, and saying weird things that don't add up. He's jus- "Hey" My thoughts were interrupted by the familiar cold hand. I spun quickly. "Hey." I said quickly, trying to hide the shock. "Just letting you know, I'm dropping by your house tonight. I need to see what you write in that damn book. It's killing me." He smirked. I raised an eyebrow. "What makes you think that?" I asked quickly. "Well, The fact that I can drive and you can't physically do anything to stop me makes me think that." He said, his smirk growing, showing the pride he had for his witty comment. I rolled my eyes. "Well, I don't think my parents will be ok with that." I said, crossing my arms. "Oh come on. Your dad is working overtime until ten, and your mom has a dinner party with her superiors. See ya tonight." He said before winking, and walking in the other direction. "ok?" I said, before heading in the direction I needed to go. That's when it hit it me. How the hell did he know my parents weren't going to be home until later than they usually are?


At about 8:30, I heard a knock at my door. My heart skipped a beat, since I wasn't really expecting it, and I knew exactly who was on the other side. I opened the door, and Luke slid past me into the house. "Yeah sure, come in, that's fine." I said under my breath as I closed the door. "Nice place. Still in mint condition I see." He commented, scanning the room. "Yeah. My mom is kinda a neat freak so it is always clean and stuff." I said, following his eyes through the house. "So, where is the journal?" He asked, a little bit of excitement in his voice. "Uhm.. It's in my room." I said nervously. I knew some of the pages had his name on them, so it made me anxious knowing he was going to read them. He followed me up the stairs, and to my room. I stopped at the door, but he continued straight to the dresser it was hidden in. He opened the top drawer, and my heart skipped a beat. There is no way he could know about the false bottom. Sure enough, he picked up the pen, that was attached to the string, which pulled open the 'door' or whatever. He looked over his shoulder and smirked at me. "How the hell did you know that was there??" I questioned. "Come on... It's so stereotypical. Girl has secret. Girl writes everything in journal. Girl wants to hide journal, so she puts it in the most obvious drawer, and connects it to a pen. Devilishly handsome guy wants to read the journal, so he knows exactly where it is. Really, Michaela... It's like a really bad teen movie or something." Luke said. I suddenly felt kinda dumb, being a stereotypical teen girl or something. Luke sat on my bed, and started flipping through the pages. "Are all of these true?" Luke asked, not looking up. "Yeah." I said, standing awkwardly by my door still. "Why didn't you tell me about these?" he asked, finally looking up. I shrugged. "I don't know. I guess I just didn't trust you." Luke stood up and walked towards me. "Do you still not trust me?" He asked, standing uncomfortably close. I just shrugged. "Come with me." Luke grabbed my wrist and pulled me out of my room, downstairs, and out the back door. I felt my phone pressed against my right leg as I jogged to keep up with his long strides, so I knew I could call for help if I needed it. We ran through a little patch in the woods to a small clearing. There was a tire swing tied onto the biggest of the trees. Luke stood on one side of the swing, while I stayed on the other. I rested my arms on the swing, since I was at  the perfect height for that. Since Luke towered me, he had to bend down to get on the same level as me. He looked me straight in the eye. His eyes were illuminated by the full moon out, which surprisingly offered quite a bit of light. They seemed like a paler blue than they normally where. "What is it going to take for you to trust me?" I stared at him for a minute. "Tell me everything. You always tell me that I will find out eventually, or when the time is right, but I want to know now, Luke. Then I can trust you." I said, never breaking eye contact. He stared into my eyes for a long time, like he was searching for something. Like he could read me, and he was trying to find the right page in the book. Finally, he smiled. "I knew it. I knew I was right about you." He said. Before I could fully analyze what he just said, his mouth was on mine. My eyes widened, before slightly closing, and I started kissing him back. That's when it happened. My eyes flashed through different colors. First purple, blue, green, then finally a light silver that faded into a dark grey, then to their normal black. I quickly pulled away. Luke laughed. "I knew it."

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