Fallen L.H.

You never really know someone until they tell you their deepest secret. Is it worth it? Are They worth it? Should you risk the danger? The danger of love?
The danger of hate? The danger of pain?


3. Chapter 3


         I squinted my eyes at the figure. I recognized the face, but I wasn't sure where from. It was frustrating me, since I couldn't quite place his face, but I definitely knew it. My eyes started straining, so I rubbed them, and looked out the window again. The man was gone. My heart skipped a beat. I thought about telling my parents, but they would probably just call me crazy and say that I'm just missing Florida so my mind is making things up. I decided to take a journal and write down everything that has happened so far. It's all just too weird, and I feel like it needs to be documented. I wrote about the locks, I wrote about how strange Luke started acting, I wrote about the deaths that happened here, and I wrote about the strange man holding the key. By the time I finished writing, it was 20 till 12, and I decided I really needed to get some sleep if I was going to survive the next day at Silverton High School.


          I woke up to the sound I my alarm, making me jump slightly as it broke the silence throughout my room. I sluggishly got out of bed and slowly made my way to my closet. I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes, and flipped through the clothes hanging on the racks. I picked out a loose fitting black tank top, and some dark grey, acid washed, ripped skinny jeans. I put on some black converse, and decided to keep my make up lighter, since my outfit was so dark. I left my hair down and straight, then headed downstairs to the kitchen. Both of my parents were standing in the kitchen making small talk about the weather or something. The atmosphere in there was awkward. I made a bagel and hurried out of there, I didn't want to be there any longer than I had to. I got to school, but couldn't pay attention at all. In at least three classes the teacher would call my name to get my attention. When it was time for lunch, I hurried off to our lunch table that sat in to corner of the cafeteria. I claimed my spot next to Connor as usual. I tried to eat, but my stomach was in knots as flashbacks from last night played in my head. That man's face was burned into my mind. I felt Luke's eyes on me like lasers. He was staring. I would glance up at him, hoping he would look away, but he never would. I sighed, and slammed my face onto the table. Connor whispered an "Are you ok?" to me, to which I slightly nodded. The bell rang, signaling the end of the lunch period, and I hurried out of the cafeteria. I felt the cold hand on my arm again. It made me jump out of shock, but it was slightly familiar from the day before. I knew it was Luke. "What did you see?" He said quietly, so that only I could hear. I made a face. "What makes you think I saw anything?" I replied with, avoiding eye contact. "I'm not stupid, and you're not the best at hiding what you are thinking about. I can see it in your eyes." I sighed in frustration. "Well, even if I did see something, why would I tell you about it?" I shot at him, before trying to walk away. He tightened his grip slightly. "You should tell me because you are supposed to trust me. I think I know more about you than you think I do." My eyes flicked up and stared straight into his deep blue ones. They were mesmerizing. It almost felt like he could gaze inside me and read all of my deepest secrets like pages from a book. I quickly looked away. "Fine. I saw someone standing outside my window last night, and he was holding a silver key. I'm not sure what the key went to, but his face looked faintly familiar. Then I rubbed my eyes and he disappeared. I know I sound crazy, but that's what happened." Luke's face was washed over with a look of concentration. "No you don't sound crazy. I'm not at all surprised this happened actually. I think I know who this guy is. Come with me." He grabbed my wrist and pulled me towards the back door of the school, near the student parking lot. I didn't question him this time, and instead just got into his car. Curiosity was taking over and clouding my judgement. We pulled up to the parking lot of the library again. I gave him a questioning look, but he brushed it off and got out of the car. When we walked into the library, we went straight to the section we were in yesterday. He pulled out the same book, and turned to the page he first showed me yesterday. He pointed at the husband in the Picture. Ernest Samuels. "Is this the guy you saw standing outside your window yesterday?" I studied the picture for a few moments. "Well, I mean, he does resemble the man I saw last night... But it can't be him, that's impossible. The man is dead." I said, looking up from the article. Luke just nodded slightly. "Listen, I want you to tell me if you see this guy again. I want you to immediately write down a detailed physical description, and show it to me at the first possible opportunity. Do you understand me?" He said in a tough tone. I was a little taken away but how demanding his voice sounded. "Excuse me. Last time I checked you weren't my dad, and for your information, I already did that." I said, putting a slightly sassy tone in my voice. He rolled his eyes at the dad thing, but actively listened when I mentioned already writing everything down. "Can I see what you wrote?" I felt the blood rush into my cheeks, turning them pink. I knew that I wrote about him in that journal. Last thing I need is for him to think I'm obsessed with him and boost his boyish ego. "No. Besides, it's at my house. " I mumbled. He sighed. "Fine. Whatever. I'm just trying to help you. I don't know why it's so hard for you to trust me. Are you like this with everyone?" He said, his voice raising in pitch during the question. I scoffed. "What is that supposed to mean? I'm not like that with Connor!" I shot back, defending myself. He made a sound I couldn't describe. "Yes you are! Every time I ever see you come into human contact you keep to yourself and shut people out like some kind of hermit!" He said louder, causing glares from people reading in the library. It was kinda funny, seeing him worked up over this. It was the most lighthearted I've seen him act since meeting him. It was nice seeing his eyes light up with a spark of passion instead of the constant dark mystery. He smiled slightly, and I saw a hint of dimples near the creases of his mouth. I didn't expect them to be there though. They didn't really fit the mysterious image he had going on. Before I knew it, he stood up and put the book back into it's place. "Just, try to work with me here. I need you to trust me if this is going to work. I think I'm right about you, but if for any reason I'm wrong... let's just say it wouldn't end well for either of us..." He trailed off. He knew something that he wasn't telling me. I hated that. When people lead me on with something like that. It made me feel like some sort of child that couldn't handle the truth. I sighed and followed him out of the building. When we got into his car, he pulled his phone out of his pocket. "Here, give me your number." He said without looking at me. "Wow. Well when you ask that nicely how could I possibly refuse?" I sarcastically said. "It's in case something weird happens. You need to tell me about it immediately. When it is perfectly fresh in your mind." He said smoothly. I decided not to fight him, and just give it to him. "Promise me that you will text me when something happens." He finally looked at me. I stared at him for a second. "Yeah sure, I promise." I mumbled. He looked straight at me for a second, I guess trying to figure out if I was telling the truth or not. I assume he saw something that satisfied him enough, and he pulled out of the parking lot. I thought that was kinda weird. What was his problem? Why is he so worried about whatever weird things are going on? Is it because he is curious about the house as well, or was he just playing some sick little game with me? We got back to school four minutes before the bell rang for 7th period. I sat in English, and kept seeing those two images flashing through my mind. One was Ernest Samuels, and the other was the mystery guy. They did resemble each other on an unnatural level, but there was no way that it could actually be Ernest outside my window. He committed suicide. Even if he was some kind of spirit or ghost or whatever, why on Earth would he choose to haunt me or dangle some keys at me? It just didn't make sense. It felt like a had a giant puzzle in my head, but none of the pieces fit together. My head started to hurt again. The bell rang, signaling the end of the day, and I hurried off to my car. Connor came up beside my window and tried not to scare me this time. I unrolled my window, and he leaned on it like he did the last time he showed up. "So it seems like Luke is finally warming up to you a little." He said in a stronger tone than he usually used. "Yeah, I guess so. I don't really know how I feel about that though." I said, trying to sound lighthearted. "Yeah, I get that. He can be kinda weird. Anyway, if you ever need anything, I'll be here for you. Have a good day, and make it home safe." Connor said, smiling as he pulled himself away from my car. "Thanks, you too." I said as I rolled up the window. I got home, and neither of my parents were home yet. I let out a sigh of relief. 

           When I got inside, I immediately ran upstairs, threw my stuff down, and launched myself onto my bed. I closed my eyes, and took a few deep breaths as I tried to relax a little bit. I felt myself start to doze off slightly, when I heard something hit my window, and startle me out of my half-sleep. I sat up and looked out the window. All that was there was a doll house that slightly resembled a barn. There was only one thing wrong with it. It was on fire.

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