Fallen L.H.

You never really know someone until they tell you their deepest secret. Is it worth it? Are They worth it? Should you risk the danger? The danger of love?
The danger of hate? The danger of pain?


2. Chapter 2

    I squinted my eyes towards the figure trying to make out a face, but it was impossible. The only thing I noticed about whoever the person is, was that they are tall. I started stepping towards them, but every step I took closer, they stepped backwards. I looked back to the barn, where the padlock hung, then back to the mystery figure, but they were gone. I felt a blast of cold air, and thought I should probably get back inside before my parents got home. I ran back home and bursted through the back door, locking it behind me. My mind was racing. Who was that? Why did they lock the barn? What's in there to hide?  I took a few deep breaths, before calming myself down. Maybe I just imagined the whole thing. This house is known for having weird things go on, so maybe my mind was playing tricks on me..... No. I saw someone. There's no way to just imagine something that real. Suddenly I remembered the key in their hand. Did they lock the barn? All these questions were giving me a headache, so I tried to forget them until I have a reason to remember.


    The next morning I woke up, but I still didn't feel awake. I was practically a zombie throughout my morning routine. Brush my teeth, pick out my outfit, brush my hair, put on make up. It started to feel boring. It never felt this way in Florida. I was always excited to get up and go to school. Excited to see Hannah. Hannah was more than just my best friend. She was my sister, my other half. We had been best friends since we were five years old. We met in Kindergarten, and we were fighting over the last pink sheet of paper. It ended up ripping, so for the first week of knowing each other, we hated each other. Then, the next week came along, and I was eating lunch by myself, since I was a little socially awkward, even as a five year old, and Hannah walked over and sat with me. We had a lot in common, and were best friends from that point on. I miss her. She told me she would text me, but has yet to do that. I just hope she didn't forget about me already. I grabbed my bag off of my chair, and hurried downstairs. My dad has already left for work, and my mom was headed that way. I grabbed my lunch and threw it in my bag, when I heard the door shut loudly. I knew she left. I've always felt more distant towards my mother. My father has always been so kind and caring, while she's been tough and secluded. I pushed the thoughts out of my head and  started on my way to school. 

   In homeroom, Connor was already sitting at his desk, with the same, million dollar smile plastered on his face. "Why good morning sunshine. You seem ecstatic to be here on this fine morning." He said, the smile never leaving his face. "How in the world are you so happy and friendly all the time?" I asked, the words coming out in a tone harsher than what I intended. "It's all in your head." He said, before turning away to face the teacher, leaving me with nothing else. 

    When It came time for lunch, I decided just to make my seat at Connor's table permanent. I dropped my bag at my side, and dug the brown paper sack out of my bag. Everyone was at the table, sitting in the exact same spots as usual. The blonde haired boy didn't have a lunch with him, and I thought about offering him something, when Kaitlynn picked up a piece of food that was in front of me. "You like oranges?" She asked, turning the fruit in her hand with a look on her face. "Yeah. We used to grow them back where I'm from." I answered, taking the orange back from her. "Where are you from?" She asked looking at the rest of my lunch. I opened my mouth to respond, but someone beat me to it. "Florida." I looked over to see who said that. It was the blonde boy, Luke. "How did you know that?" I asked, almost a little shocked. He just smirked at me. 

   When the bell rang, I started heading towards my next class, when I felt someone grab my arm. Their hand was cold, causing me to jerk it away. I turned to see Luke standing there. "Can I help you?" I asked, more sass in my voice than I thought there would be. "You and your family just moved into that old mansion right? The one that's supposed to be haunted or something?" He asked, his voice low. "Yeah, and It's not haunted. Why is everyone so paranoid about that house. Did someone die in it or something?" I asked. "You really don't know anything about that house, do you?" He said, his voice softer. I shook my head. How was I supposed to know anything. I just moved to this place. "Come with me." He said, grabbing my arm again. "I have to get to class." I argued. He stopped, clearly annoyed. "What is it?" He mumbled. "Choir." I responded. He just shook his head and grabbed my arm, pulling me along with him. "Hey!" I yelled, trying to get away. "Shut up! Do you want to get caught?" He whispered. I huffed. He took me out the back side of the building and to his car. "Noooo no. I'm not getting in that car with you. for all I know you're a psycho that's going to take me away and kill me or something." I said, digging my heels into the ground. "Really. Why would I kill you. I just met you. Plus I'm trying to help you. Not hurt you." He replied. His words felt real. My brain stopped working for a minute, and I got into the passenger side of his car. "There. Was that so hard?" He asked. I huffed. We drove for about 7 minutes until he pulled into a parking lot. I read the plaque on the door. "Silverton Public Library" He opened the door and I followed after him. He walked straight to the very back corner or the room, and grabbed the very last book off the lowest shelf. He brought it over to the nearest table, and we sat down. He dusted off the cover of the book, and opened it. The very first picture was of the house I live in. It looked beautiful. There was a couple standing in front of the house with their daughter and a dog. They looked happy. I smiled at the picture, and looked at the date. '1953'. "Wow, it's a pretty old house." I mumbled under my breath. Luke didn't respond. He flipped the page, where a news article was glued in. 

'family found dead. According to the Autopsy report, performed by Dr. Steven Kesler as well as forensic evidence, Ernest Robert Samuels(45) murdered his wife, Caroline Marie Samuels (43) and his daughter Kate Allison Samuels (16) on the night of October 22, 1955, at 11:27 PM.  Then proceeding to commit suicide, on the same night, at 11:42. Their Labrador, named Molly has not been found. Funeral service will be held for the family on October 27 at 2:00 PM.'

  I finished reading, the article, then looked at Luke. "It this it? This is all people are freaking out about? Murders happen everywhere. Not just in my house." I said, thinking about the fact that my parents are going to be pissed that I'm skipping class for this. "This isn't the only one." He said, as he flipped the pages. Each page had a new family, and a new article.

'Suicide.... Homicide.... missing person....insane....cold case.... never found....paranormal... psycho on the loose...death...'

   "Wow." i said, flipping through the pages, skimming through the articles. I could feel Luke's eyes on me, but chose to ignore them.  "I told you. You have to be careful living in that house, there is something really wrong with it." He said, a slight sound of warning in his voice. "Wait, why do you care? You don't even know me." I said, closing the book. He picked the book up and started his way back to the shelf it belongs to. I got up and followed him. "There is something different this time. I feel it. I felt it yesterday, but I don't know what it is." He said, cautiously keeping his voice down. "What do you mean." I asked, getting closer to him, lowering my voice as well. He clenched his jaw. "I can't tell you. It's not the right time or place. If i'm right, you'll find out yourself soon enough. Just trust me. If I tell you to jump, you jump. If I tell you to run, you run.... If I tell you to fight, you fight." He said, softly but fiercely.  I was confused. "Why should I trust you. I don't know you." I said, backing away from him. "You will." He said quickly, before taking long strides away from me. I jogged slightly to catch up to him. His legs were longer than mine, so I had to work twice as hard to keep up.  As we exited, he smirked at the librarian, who pressed her lips together in a fake smile. We got into his car and silently rode back to the school for the last period. As soon as we walked in the building, we went our separate ways without a goodbye. I headed to my last class, and pretended to listen as the teacher babbled on about some theory. The only thing that was on my mind was what Luke showed me, and what he told me. How could he feel something different about me? He's never even talked to me, up until 45 minutes ago. I don't trust him. I know he told me to, but I don't. There is something different about him. He's not the same as the rest of the group at the table. I can't pinpoint what it is, but its something. 


I drove home in silence. My head was too full of questions to listen to music. I pulled into my driveway, and my father's car was already there. I walking up to the front door, and before I had the chance to open it, it swung open. "Why did you leave school today?" My dad asked from inside. My head searched for an excuse. Nothing. My head already hurt, and this wasn't helping. "I thought class was being held at a different location today." I said. It was a shit excuse and he knew it. I could see the disappointment in his eyes, and I hated it. He stepped to the side and let me in. I threw my stuff down, and ran upstairs to my room. There were about ten more boxes in my room since I left. I huffed, then walked over to them. Maybe unpacking some will help get everything out of my mind.  I opened the first box, and a picture frame was laying on the top. I smiled. It was of me and Hannah, on our last day of school, the last school year I'd ever have in Tampa. Hannah looked beautiful. She has light brown eyes and golden brown hair. He hair cut stylishly to about mid shoulder. The longer I looked that the picture, the more I wanted to cry. I'm missing half of myself without her. I stood the frame up on my nightstand and smiled at it. I moved back to the box, and hung up other pictures from Florida. Some with Hannah, some with a couple of my other friends, and tons of Jesse, my brother. I've missed him as much as Hannah. I used to always think he was just there to be a pain in my ass, but I really do miss him. After I finished unpacking that box, I moved it off to the side, and went to open the next box. On the very top, was a letter. I sat down on my bed, and opened it.

'I know what you are. You better watch you back. You don't know who you're dealing with here..'

   It wasn't signed. I just rolled my eyes, and threw it in a drawer. This town is so weird. Why of all places in Colorado did we have to move here? Why not Denver or something? Also, out of every house, why did we have to get the one everyone is freaked out about? I groaned. I finished unpacking a few more boxes, before I was just too tired to continue. I went to the window to shut the blinds, when I saw the figure again. But this time, I saw their face.

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