Fallen L.H.

You never really know someone until they tell you their deepest secret. Is it worth it? Are They worth it? Should you risk the danger? The danger of love?
The danger of hate? The danger of pain?


1. Chapter 1

I ran from him, I pushed my body has hard as I could against the wind in rain. I knew he was behind me. I knew he could catch me if he wanted to. His legs were longer, his force stronger. "Stop running from me." He said. My stomach was cramping and tears were running down my face. "I said stop. You're being stupid." His voice was calm and steady. Nothing like how my voice would sound if I were to speak. I thought, and I stopped under a street lamp. i heard his footsteps getting louder as he approached me. " Look at me." I refused. keeping my eyes focused on my feet. He stepped in front of me, his breathing steady. My eyes moved from my shoes to his. "I asked you to look at me." He said fiercely. I ignored him and swallowed hard. He put his hand softly under my chin and pushed it up. I looked at his face, but not in his eyes. "Come on. Don't be that way baby." He said softly. I jerked my head away. "Don't call me that." I whispered. "Ah, she has a voice. Who would have known." He mocked. "Why did you do it?" I muttered. "He deserved it." He replied with force. "Who deserves death?" I stared straight into his eyes, and chills ran up my spine, causing goosebumps to appear on my skin. "Oh, If only you knew." He chuckled.

I walked up the front steps of the place we now call home. It was big. Far too big for three people and a dog. There is no way we could afford this place on our own. The only reason we got it is because lots of bad things have happened in this house, and everybody else is too superstitious to live here, so we got it at a bargain price. I looked around the house and could tell It was going to take a while to learn my way around. It had one grand staircase in the middle when you first walk in, and breaks off in two directions from there. There were at least 7 bedrooms upstairs alone, along with a parlor, a media room the size of an actual movie theater, two offices, and a room that was locked without a key.

I went to three doors before I finally found the room that was mine. My bed was in the middle of my room, with a flat screen mounted on the wall across from it. There was a huge dresser in there, with an oval shaped mirror above it. This room was far bigger than anything I was used to. The closet was a walk in, and the bathroom was bigger than the master bathroom at our old house in Tampa, Florida. We moved almost all the way across the country to a small city in Colorado called Silverton. It's not exactly the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Colorado. There is only one high school in Silverton, which is the school I'll be attending starting tomorrow. I already miss everything I had in Tampa. The sun, the beaches, my best friend, and my brother. He decided to stay in Tampa, and he was old enough to make that decision. On my last night in Tampa, my best friend, Hannah, invited me to spend the whole day with her, and ended up throwing me a surprise going away party. I smiled at the memories. I got snapped out of my day dream when my mother called for me to help unloading the rest of our junk. I ran down the stairs, and met them in the kitchen, where my mother was unpacking a box of plates and silverware. The kitchen was very modern looking, almost like it belonged in a 5 star restaurant. "What do you need?" I asked, pulling myself onto the counter. "Go out to the moving truck and help your father with the boxes." She said without even looking at me. "Alright" I mumbled, sliding off the counter. I walked outside, and saw my father speaking to the driver. My dad looked like a typical dad. Decently tall, short dark hair with a touch of grey, friendly smile and careful hands. I walked to the back of the truck, and grabbed the box that looked the lightest.


"Thanks." I said as I dropped my plate in the sink. My mother just nodded. Her dark blonde hair was thrown up in a messy bun, and her face was clean of make up. She looked tired, but I dismissed it, and decided to check out the rest of the property. So far I've only seen the house, but I've never seen the surrounding land. I clicked on a flashlight, and started walking. There were tons of trees, and a little vegetable garden right outside the house. The tree that was by far the biggest looked like it had something carved into it. 'L.H." I didn't think much of it, probably just a previous owner. I continued walking, and I saw a shed, or maybe it was a barn, I couldn't tell from the distance. I started towards it when I heard noises. I looked around, but there was nothing around me, so I ignored it. As I got closer to the building, and discovered it was definitely a barn. On the left door, those letters were carved into it again. What was it supposed to mean? Are they initials? Does it stand for something? Is it a warning? I was about to walk in, when I heard my father's voice call for me in the distance. I decided to come back here in the morning and get a closer look at it.


I woke up five minutes before my alarm went off, and got up. I walked over to one of the boxes, and tried to find something to wear. I decided on some decently nice jeans, a blue shirt with a silver pattern, and my white converse. My make up was light, but complimented my features. I decided on no jewelry, and went downstairs to the kitchen, where my mother was preparing breakfast. "Here, I made toast." She said quickly before making something for herself. I ate quickly, and grabbed my keys off the counter. "Be careful and have a good day" My father said from behind his newspaper. "Thanks." I said before I hurried out the door. I tried to remember my way to the school, and ended up searching it up on google maps. I pulled into the student parking lot, and got my stuff out of my car. I walked into the decently big school, and was surprised about how big it was compared to how small most things were in this town. I walked into an office where a middle-aged woman was sitting behind a desk, her long, bubblegum pink nails were making a clicking sound as she pounded away on her keyboard. She had bright red lipstick on, and her hair was up in a tight bun. "Can I help you?" She asked, looking up from the frames of her glasses. "Uhm yeah, I'm a new student this year." "What's your name?" She asked still looking up at me. "Michaela Hart" I said. She just looked back to her keyboard and typed in my name. "Ah here you are." She mumbled as she printed out a paper. "Here you go, have a great day." She said in a monotone voice. I just nod.

I look around the building, and a big banner was hung up in the main hallway. 'Welcome back Miners!' was written on it. What an exciting mascot. I looked at my schedule and saw that my first period was algebra 2. I didn't mind too much, i'm pretty decent at math. I sat down, and picked at my nails as I waited for class to start. "Hey! Welcome to SHS!" I looked up to see a preppy boy with brown hair and green eyes smiling at me with bright teeth. "Thanks." I said under my breath. "Shy are we? Well, my name is Connor." He said. "Michaela." I looked away from him. I was hoping he would walk away, but he doesn't. Instead, he sits down right next to me. great. " Why are you so quiet?" he asked, just as preppy as before. "Don't have much to say." I flatly replied. "Now I don't believe that. I bet you're really interesting." He said sweetly. I don't know why I didn't want to talk to him, or why I was so bitter towards him. He was just trying to be nice. I looked up at him and faked a smile. "There she is." He said, joking. The teacher walked up to the front of the class. "Welcome back to Silverton high!" She started. She was just as preppy as Connor. I groaned a little, and blocked her out.


For the most part Connor was the only person I talked to, besides a couple of girls in my dance class, who weren't quite as preppy as Connor, which I liked about them. When It came to lunch, I had no idea where to sit. Everyone had their group. I got my lunch, and searched for an open seat, most were full, except for a couple at one table, but honestly those kids scared me a little. I huffed, then felt a hand on my shoulder. I spun around to see Connor standing there. "Hey! I didn't know you had this lunch! Looking for a place to sit?" He asked, wearing a huge smile across his face. "Yeah, how'd you guess?" I asked, facing him. "Well, I saw you aimlessly walking around the cafeteria, which normally means you're looking for somewhere to sit." He explained. "Oh." I mumbled a little. "Well, lucky for you, there is an open seat at our table, and we'd love to have you join us." He said cheerfully. "Well I...." I started. I didn't really want to go, because any friends of Connor's are probably just as preppy and I don't think I could handle that many preppy people, but sitting with him is better than sitting with the scary kids, so I agreed. I followed him to the far left corner of the cafeteria, where I saw two seats. Connor took one, and I took the one beside him. I looked between the people at the table. Next to me was a girl with blonde hair, and crystal blue eyes. She was introduced as Kaitlynn. Then a boy with dark brown hair, bright blue eyes and a lip piercing on the left side. I found out his name is Cody, and he's dating Kaitlynn. There a nerdy looking boy, with red hair and brown eyes, who was beside Cody, named Jackson, Then a girl with Black hair and hazel eyes, named Raven, lastly, there was a boy. He had blonde hair, deep blue eyes, and a black lip ring on the same side as Cody. His name is Luke. I don't even think he realized I was there. The others provided a warm welcome, but the blonde boy didn't talk. I ignored him. For the most part, the only one I talked to was Kaitlynn, who was telling me stories about her childhood, and how she met Cody. She was sweet, but the whole time she was talking, I was either thinking about how Hannah used to tell me about her childhood stories, or the boy with the dark blue eyes. The bell rang, signaling the end of lunch, and we headed off to our next class.


As the last bell rang, I headed out to my car, and sat in the driver's seat, thinking about today. My thoughts were interrupted by someone knocking on my window. I jumped a little and unrolled the window. "Jesus Connor. You scared me." I said as I looked up at him. He was decently tall I thought. He leaned forward and rested his elbows on my door. "Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you. I just wanted to see how your first day at SHS went." He said, giving me a smile. "Oh it was fine." I said, starting the car. "Well that's good. Hey, I'm sorry about how Luke was at lunch. He's not the friendliest out of the group." He laughed. "Yeah, and obviously the friendliest is you." I replied, smiling. "Awe thanks. Well, maybe he'll warm up to you later on. You never know with that guy. He's unpredictable." Connor said, taking his weight off my door. "Yeah, I could tell. Well it was nice meeting you." I said, starting to roll up my window. Connor smiled and nodded. I started backing up, as he waved at me and headed home. I pulled into my driveway, and both of my parents weren't home yet. I figured as much, since my dad works as a reporter for the local news, and my mother works for a small local company. I threw my bag down by the front door, and remembered the mysterious barn. It was still warm outside for now, so I decided now is the best time to go. I grabbed my phone from my bag and slipped it into my pocket, then walked out the back door, towards the barn. When I reached the door, I noticed there was a padlock on it, that wasn't there last night. I grabbed it, and looked at it. It's the kind that needs a key to be unlocked. I flipped it over, and saw L.H. engraved in it. I furrowed my brow. I saw something out of the corner of my eye. It was a person. They were holding something small, and silver. A Key.

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