District 14

Everybody knows that there are 13 districts, each with their own speciality to keep the Capitol and Panem running but what if their knowledge is wrong? What happens when a new district is introduced which little people know about? Why is there? What's inside? What are its secrets which lies within?


5. Chapter 5

The dreams continued for days and as soon as I was set free in the cool air that was no longer District 13, I sprinted to the now familiar, large tree where I had a front row, hidden seat of the robots. I decided I would call them robots as there seemed to be no more human left inside of them; they were often handed a gun and, without hesitation or flinching, they shot  another one of their kind within that very second. It was the same pack I saw in the exact same spot and gradually, they began to grow stronger with every day that passed. Between just them alone, they made a strong army so, depending on how many robots there were, it could be deadly. I still hadn't told anyone about them and I wasn't planning on to either until I knew more. I don't think I could even trust my parents with this information because somehow I knew the information would spread far and fast. Although I had to do something with the information soon otherwise it could become a too big of a situation to handle and matters would become out of hand. I didn't even dare to think what would happen if they did.


I wake up this morning feeling fresh for once as, surprisingly, I had no nightmares last night. It was merely a peaceful rest- something which I had missed. I go to get my timetable printed onto my arm just before breakfast eager to find my period of my privilege however when it is pressed into my arm I find that I have no free time. For the first day since having it, I do not have a chance to go outside. I sigh in disappointment and make my way down to breakfast. I can't find my dad and I assume my mother is in the kitchen preparing the food so, once I have collected my breakfast, I sit down on an empty table. 

After 15 minutes of eating, someone sits down beside me. It's the boy I bumped into a few weeks ago. He smiles at me and I reply back with a smile too. I'm kind of glad for company as I didn't realise how lonely I felt eating my breakfast alone until he came and sat down with me.

    "How are you this morning survivor?" I'm taken aback by his nickname for me but smile anyway because I like the sound of it.

    "Woah, you don't get to call me a nickname until I actually know you're name. And I'm good thanks, you?" I reply raising my eyebrow.

    "My name is Jesse and I'm okay," He says and their is a slight tone of mischief in his voice as he announces his name to me.

That's the end of our conversation but we still sit eating our breakfast together. Despite the silence, there doesn't seem to be any awkwardness between us; it's as if we've known eachother for years.

As I take my last sip from my cup of water, I begin to stand up to leave.

    "See you around survivor," he says as I stand and I smile again remembering that's what he said to me the first time we bumped into eachother.

    "I'm sure we will." I reply laughing slightly.

I have a lesson straight after breakfast so I head there immediately after leaving. I have a slight spring in my walk today even though I can't go outside today but talking to Jesse is like I finally have a friend here in District 13. I've never really been a social person and hidden in the shadows whilst my parents talked but it seemed as if Jesse's confidence also brought me out of my shell.


As the day continues, the thirty minutes period I have with my family draws closer. I feel like, now, I'm ready to bring up the conversation of my time in the games and I just want to talk about it with people I trust. I hope that it will stop horrible thoughts occasionally appearing in my head and it will rid me of some of the fear that I still have for the games. Even though I strongly want to, I'm most likely not going to mention about the robots to my family yet.


After dinner, I head back to our room to find both my mother and father sat down together talking about my mum's day in the kitchen.

    "Ah Emma, we were just talking about how many compliments we've had in the kitchens about the food's taste today. It seems as if the herbs and plants you've been bringing back is helping, thank you."

I smile at my mother's comment, glad I can help.

    "I gained a lot of knowledge from the games' training. Although horrible, I guess it was useful." I say and the expressions on my parents face suddenly become more sincere and serious. I think they already understand that I finally want to tell them about the games.


And I do. For mostly the full half hour, I tell them about what it was like being in the games, the fear I felt throughout and what it was like having to kill the boy in the finale. They sit almost in silence, interrupting me only once or twice and listen to every word. When I talk about killing the boy, a tear rolls down my mother's face.

    "I hate knowing that you had to go through all of that. And you still made it out. I'm so proud of you darling." I feel her comment tug at my heart and then I begin to cry too. She pulls me into a tight hug and the clock strikes 6 telling us its time to go our separate ways for another hour and a half.

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