District 14

Everybody knows that there are 13 districts, each with their own speciality to keep the Capitol and Panem running but what if their knowledge is wrong? What happens when a new district is introduced which little people know about? Why is there? What's inside? What are its secrets which lies within?


4. Chapter 4

Should I tell Coin? They were building up a strong, perfect army which no one knows about- until now. They were unheard of for a reason and I was determined to find out why. I can go out everyday and maybe dive deeper into their own little 'District'. I will only tell Coin when I understand more of what is going on. For all I knew, it could be for a good cause. They could be building an army to overthrow Snow and to get Coin involved would most definitely expose them and all their plans would be lost. However, they did not seem to be doing anything to protect anyone but themselves.  No one just shoots an 'innocence' girl like that. She was barely given a second chance. They seemed to be in testing to make sure that they were faultless and the ones who weren't successful were not needed and shot on site. It was barbaric but I couldn't stop it- not yet, at least.

I made it back to District 13 and I was informed by the guard that I still have 15 minutes left. Even so, I went back inside to my family. I hadn't seen them for very long since I got back from the Capitol as I rushed on out before they could ask me questions although I really wish they wouldn't. I never want to be reminded of the horrors of the arena again. If I had died, would I have become one of the, 'robots'; a soulless piece of machinery unable to reach my own freewill? I shudder the thought away as I step inside our room. Father is sat on the bed reading and my mother, I am told, is cooking. She is a cook here in 13 and now I can go outside, they ask me to bring her back some herbs and plants which will give the tasteless food some kick in taste.

I make my way down to the kitchens, checking my satchel for the plants which will be useful to her as I crash into someone. I hastily apologize barley looking up but they stop just before I step past. 

       "Emma, right?" I look up fully. A boy who looks to be slightly older than me has his hand outstretched, indicating for me to shake it. I awkwardly shake it and pull my hand back onto my satchel.

      "Yes, it is," I reply and once again I try to hurriedly step past but he stops me.

      "Congratulations, by the way, on surviving this year's Hunger Games.

      "Thank you, but I really must be going. My mother wants to see me."

      "Of course, see you around Emma."

     "Goodbye," I can sense that I'm blushing slightly and I quickly walk off.

I liked the way he congratulated me. He didn't tell me that I won; only that I survived. You don't ever win that game. Even when you are outside the arena, the memory haunts you as if you are still there. I've only been out for a few days yet horrifying images of my time in the arena still flash up in my mind. It was if he actually understood what it's like and it seems as if he's one of the the only ones.

My mother was grateful for the plants but I didn't stay long as I wasn't allowed. But during my time with my mother she did not once ask me about my time in the arena and neither did my dad and I was honestly thankful for it. My parents understood me and they knew that I would talk about it only when I wanted to and they let me.

I went to bed early, re-living my day through- the welcome back, the robots and the boy. I realised that I didn't even catch his name yet he already knew so much about me, just like the rest of Panem.

Sleep did not come for hours but when it did, the girl who I saw shot today always cropped up somewhere. Then I was one of them. I could not control my arms and my legs were automatically moving. I tried to talk but I was incapable of it. There was no heart pumping warm blood around my body and my chest was not moving yet my body was still moving. But then all of a sudden, I regained control of my arms and legs. I could walk at my own freewill and pace instead of the strange, steady speed and I noticed a man's head jerk towards me. I realised that I was not in unison with the people around me and I tried to but it was already too late. I was not perfect. The man raised his aimed gun towards me and shot. A piercing, white hot pain filled my chest as I woke up, sweating and my mother by my side, comforting me until, after what seemed like hours, sleep pulled me away once again.



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