District 14

Everybody knows that there are 13 districts, each with their own speciality to keep the Capitol and Panem running but what if their knowledge is wrong? What happens when a new district is introduced which little people know about? Why is there? What's inside? What are its secrets which lies within?


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2:

Two hovercrafts appeared in the arena as Templesmith's voice faded. I had no idea which was mine as both had claws coming down to pick us both up. Looking closer, I could see a handle and a step onto the second claw, easy for someone to stand on- that was mine yet a small voice inside my head was curious about where the dead tributes would go.

As the first hovercraft came to pick up the boy, I ran over to it just as it started to ascend back up inside and grabbed onto one of the grips with all my life. No one had noticed that I was on it yet. Surely they would do soon? But I managed to actually climb inside and take a quick gaze around of my surroundings before there was a small panic. Two other dead tributes were on the hovercraft- one girl from District 1 and a small, fragile boy who died early in the games from District 9 but they did not look the same as when they first entered the arena or when they left it for that matter. Their appearance was horrifying, shocking, traumatic. Their skin was full of bulging, blue veins and their eyes a hollow black colour as if they had been possessed by a demon. Yet they were impossibly alive, if you could call it alive. Their face showed no emotion and they just followed orders they were given like an automatic robot but they were alive. I even watched the girl's name come up in the arena the night she died. They had made the impossible, possible.

The hovercraft was full of screens showing cameras of a location which I had never seen before and its population was filled with these 'robots'. There were hundreds in all different locations. There was a whole unknown city filled with them.
       "Hey! You have no right to be in here! How did you get up here?" I stood in shock, speechless at what I had just seen. Everyone tried to block me from it but I had already seen it all.

As I was shoved back onto the claw and began descending once again, I caught just one more glimpse of the computer screen and nearly fell off in terror. There was a girl from District 11, Rue, the famous Katniss Everdeen's ally in the 74th Hunger Games, who was walking around a street with a few others by her side. She was almost unrecognizable. Just like the people in the hovercraft, but worse, she was one of them. A robot- a soulless robot.

There was a small jolt as the claw hit the ground. I stepped off, slightly shaken but managed to walk over to my own hovercraft and climb on. I was silent as the Gamemakers checked me over and my stylist, who I did not care for, congratulated me like the many others. I nodded my thanks each time to everyone but did not say a word. I heard whispers around saying things like,
         "It's probably just the shock from the games."

         "Give her chance, she's barely only just got out there alive."

         "Do you think she saw what was in the other hovercraft?"

I didn't hear much of these conversations and obediently followed orders to what everyone was telling me. My mind fixed on the sight I had just seen. Where was this place? What were they doing? Why? How had they done it? They had made poor, little Rue alive again but she was not her sweet self. That was all gone. The only thing left of her was the doing of the Capitol. It had to have been the Capitol who had done this surely? President Snow could have easily made some of his servants and specialists to make up some drug which did this to you. With everything that they had created, to them, this would be child's play. But who had they done it to? It looked as if there were thousands of them. Some I recognized but did not understand why I did. But then it hit me sharp and hard like a gunshot. They were all previous tributes who died in their games.

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