District 14

Everybody knows that there are 13 districts, each with their own speciality to keep the Capitol and Panem running but what if their knowledge is wrong? What happens when a new district is introduced which little people know about? Why is there? What's inside? What are its secrets which lies within?


1. Chapter 1

The distinct 'boom' of the cannon went off once again and shortly after, the familiar hovercraft appeared over the tributes' body.  Only three tributes left. I have a chance of winning this. For the first time, I actually believed it. I had survived this far so why not go all the way? I was determined to do it. I would be District 13's first winner.

It's been a year since the famous Katniss Everdeen disagreed to be the mockingjay. Nobody knew why as the President of 13, Coin, never mentioned it in the public speech and anyone who doesn't know her won't go up and ask as there are rumours spreading around District 13 that she's not the same as she used to be as the Hunger Games destroyed her. But despite everyone else's views of her, I still see her as the strong, independent, woman she is and was when she defied the games and that how her love for Peeta Mellark was strong enough to keep them both going throughout them. However, poor Peeta lost his life a few months ago as his body gave in from the beatings from the Capitol and it seems as if Katniss will never be the same again yet Panem is just the same as it was before. President Snow has carried on with these brutal Hunger Games and now District 13 is included once again. I was first to be picked for them. There was no one to volunteer for me like Prim had Katniss so I went into the arena alone at aged 14 as I did not speak to the male tribute of my district. At an age difference of three years, there just seemed to be no friendship which bloomed.

It would be the finale soon. With only four of us left in the arena, something big must happen soon or the Capitol would get bored and if that happened, all hell would break lose in here. I was just going to continue with what I had been doing the whole entire games though- hide in a bush which was big enough to conceal me but not to big to make it seem obvious, only ever come out if I was desperate for supplies and let the rest of the tributes do the dirty work for me. No one had really come looking for me because I wasn't seen as a threat and perhaps some people had forgotten about me too. However, with little of us in the arena now, my life was at a higher risk but, still, I was hoping that they would just kill eachother off.

Two hours or so passed and I jumped as there was the 'boom' of the cannon. Three left.

Another few more hours passed and then the cannon went off once again. Only two left now. Some boy from District 5 and myself. He would have to come look for me now. My heart wouldn't slow down and I was almost tempted to come out from my hiding spot to face him but somehow I knew I would die if I did. But the finale was coming. I had no idea what it was going to be but it was definitely going to move me from here.

Nothing had happened within the next hour or so. Nothing whatsoever. It was weird. The Capitol must be getting bored by now so the Gamemakers must have to do something. As these thoughts raced through my head, the bush I was surrounded by, disappeared. I looked around, confused, but it didn't just happen to my spot; the whole arena had practically disappeared. There was no trees, plants, rocks. Nothing except for the Cornucopia, rivers, grass and District 5 boy and me staring right at eachother. There was no where to hide. No where to climb. I could only run but eventually he would narrow  his distance from me. I had to fight. This is exactly what the Gamemakers wanted and I could almost see the Capitol laughing and cheering at the action they were about to see. I then realised what had happened. None of this was actually here and the Gamemakers could add or take away what ever they wanted but then my mind went quickly to thinking about what my odds were of winning- we were about the same size; him being slightly taller and broader than me,  I had weapons and they weren’t that bad however, I don’t know how well I could use them but I did have quick reactions and some logic.

I couldn’t bare it anymore. I just went for it- running towards him, trying hard not to use up all my energy in doing so. He realised what I was doing and did the same, holding his sword out in front of him. I had a similar weapon to him and a hidden knife in my boot which I was certain he didn’t know about which gave me a slight advantage although he could still have concealed weapons on him too.

Within seconds there was only a few meters apart from us and our finale fight began. I struck at him but he blocked it. I went again, losing my balance at the strength of it but regaining it just in time as he saw the perfect moment to hit me but like him, I blocked it. As I ran from the descending sword, I grabbed the knife out from my boot, pretending to be injured there. My face was dripping with sweat and I could feel the hot blood trickling down my arms and cheeks but I couldn’t give up now. I was almost there. The boy looked worse than I felt. He was beginning to slack in his defences and his strikes weren’t as fierce. As he went for another hit, I dodged, ran behind him and as he turned to face me, I pierced the small knife into his chest without a second thought. The boy gasped in shock at first not understanding what had happened but then he realised. He looked down at the knife and then to me with pain in his eyes. He fell to his knees and then onto his front, his eyes showing no emotion anymore. He was dead. The cannon confirmed this and I fell to the ground beside him with exhaustion. I had actually won. I did it. I won. But I had killed someone do it when I said I wouldn’t and I didn’t even hesitate. I looked down at the boy. I didn’t even know his name and I had killed him.

‘I’m sorry,’ I whispered as the sound of Claudius Templesmith's voice boomed over the empty arena.


Congratulations to the 76th annual Hunger Games winner, Emma Jones!’

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