Everything is a blessing

Inspired by the movie Colorful


1. Everything is a blessing

Our greatest sin is not to value life. Even the smallest and the biggest things are worth to value. That you are alive, you've got a family who loves you, the joy of seeing the sun raise from dawn, a new day starting and seeing the stars and moon shine bright at night.
Life isn't always good, but nor is it always bad.
You've got to accept to live in the bittersweet life. But only you can decide how you want to look at the world. There's the bad and the good, but they're not separated. The bad is in the good, and the good is in the bad. You just have to see or overlook them. Either way it's up to you. A heart is a heavy burden, but also it's a blessing.
It's okay to break down as long as you remember to get up again. Don't give up on yourself, because you're only human, and you make mistakes like everybody else. Just do what makes you happy, as long as you're happy in your heart too.
It's not always being alive that matters, but feeling alive. If you feel alive, your soul is alive too. Remember to keep walking forward, but also remember to stop sometimes and enjoy the view.
You have to learn to live in present. Not past nor future. Just live for the now, and everything will solve itself when the time comes.

"It's good to have a tomorrow"- Purapura, the movie Colorful

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