"We'll well well. Little girls going to shoot me?" He chuckled.
"Little girl? Yet I can kick your ass faster than light" I shoot him in the arm. But at the same time, I'm in someone's arms. I back kick them in the balls, I turn and it's Malik. I scowl at him taking my dagger ready to stab him I hold my knife above his heart,then-
"STOP! WE NEED YOUR HELP!" I stare confused.
"What?!? Like I'll help you." I cut his shirt leaving marks.
"Mason is going to kill us all. We need your help." I blank out when I here mason. Mason tried to kill me. He killed my sisters when we were younger and my mom. A tear escaped my eyes and I get back in reality.
"LIAR!" I thought I killed him last time.
"I KILLED HIM! " I flash to the memory, I could have sworn he was
"No he isn't. Please." For some reason I believe him I get off then walk back wards.
"I work alone.." I pick up my knife whiling off the blood.



Wow, 21 reads on the matter of 14 hours. :) thank you so much. I'll keep updating as much as possible. Hit the fan button and like button and I'll become one I your fans. Thanks lovleys .

So I need some girlfriends. Or boyfriends.

Just comment, on my wall what you look like, name personality, and such. Thanks so much. And this will be a zayn Malik fan fiction.

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