"We'll well well. Little girls going to shoot me?" He chuckled.
"Little girl? Yet I can kick your ass faster than light" I shoot him in the arm. But at the same time, I'm in someone's arms. I back kick them in the balls, I turn and it's Malik. I scowl at him taking my dagger ready to stab him I hold my knife above his heart,then-
"STOP! WE NEED YOUR HELP!" I stare confused.
"What?!? Like I'll help you." I cut his shirt leaving marks.
"Mason is going to kill us all. We need your help." I blank out when I here mason. Mason tried to kill me. He killed my sisters when we were younger and my mom. A tear escaped my eyes and I get back in reality.
"LIAR!" I thought I killed him last time.
"I KILLED HIM! " I flash to the memory, I could have sworn he was
"No he isn't. Please." For some reason I believe him I get off then walk back wards.
"I work alone.." I pick up my knife whiling off the blood.



Zayn a pov.

I never thought I would say this but,-

"Boston, I think we'll make a great team, if I were

In charge"

"Hold the fuck up dude. For starters, don't look me in the eye, never call my name, got that? Secondly I work alone." Damn, is she always like this?!? Always in a pissed off mood. I should have killed her, but then we all would be dead. Mason wants , Her.

Boston's pov.


(Two hours later)

I was on top of zayn holding my dagger against his throat.

"DONT KILL HIM" Louis is holding me back to prevent me from killing zayn. He deserves it. I spit on his face and he looked really pissed now.

"I'm ganna kill her!!!!" He tried to get up but I only kicked him in the nuts.

Louis took me away from all the craziness out there, and took me to this off looking room. It's just black!

My watch started beeping, mission alert.

Max popped on the screen, yes my watch has FaceTime. And max isn't just my roommate he helps with weapon control and mission alerts.

"Where the hell are you?!?" Was the first thing he said.

After I examined what happened he told me what he needed to say,

"Anyway, you need to get to resale road now. Rob has a mother of 3, holding her against her will. But it's not any mother, " he showed me a picture of the mother and I knew who it was.


"WHAT THE FUCK?!? MOTHER OF THREE?!?" Louis is looking wide eyed. As far as I knew she had one kid. Dexter, he's 17 a year younger than me.

"Yes. I'm sorry. But I know you don't want to go, but you need to do thi-" I hung up. I'm clearly pissed, and by now all 7 boys are here.

"What happe-" curly began talking but I cut him short,

"SHUT IT CURLY!" Zayn bounces at me from my out burst but I bring my dagger up and cut him shirt.

"I have a mission. I'll be back later for mason"

I grab my weapons putting them on me,

"We'll come." One said. I didn't dare to see who it came from. It was one with an Australian accent.

"NO! This is my mission." Just thinking about how I would face her again, is unveiling. Boston's pov

As I'm about to leave, I turn to Lou,

"Sorry." I felt bad for yelling at him since he has been the only one who would be nice to me since the 3 and a half hours I've been here.

I leave the house and grab my bike. Yes Moto bike :D

I see the building she is at, they got her on the roof. Idiots. As I'm about to climb SOMTHING, or someone grabs my ankle.

And to my luck, it's Malik.

"I said I work alone!"

"Sorry love. Isn't this exiting? Our first mission together." I ignore him and climb the windows. Now I look back and see they brought the whole gang. Dumbass.

I get to the roof and no ones here.


*incoming call*



"She is heading north of subway street. I got her on the radar." I see a building near by and jump off the building., leaving the boys behind.

I run past people gettin odd looks from them, but Idc, know why? I got a gun and they don't.

I see her running but In time I get out my bow and arrow, and got him in the back. I race to him and he is in fact dead.(whoever gets that, comment. If you are Larry like I am, sorry.)

"Never thought to see you again." I scowl. I just wan to kill her now.

"Well we'll well, little bo turned into a rejected."

"Oh and mother of three? Who's kids are they? Huh? Slut"

"Not your fathers, left him months ago, he homes baby girl. Like you" I jumped at her to kill her but people come out and grab me. Wait, gone? My fathers gone?

I'm breathing fast and I see this was all a trap.

"YOU!" Everyone's gone.

"Yup, I killed your mother, sisters, and now father. Nows you." She did it? All this time it was her!

"How could you!"

She slips a knife to my arm and cuts. The blood keeps pouring out and I black out.

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