The Christmas Kiss

The most magical of all Christmas elements is a kiss under the mistletoe.


1. The Christmas Kiss

The Christmas Kiss

Every December, as we all know
There's a special moment under the mistletoe
A brushing of lips and touching of hands
Each getting as close as you possibly can

She doesn't know how it feels
To have a Christmas that feels real
Every year she stands alone
And cries under the mistletoe

But Christmas magic is something strange
And it wont be long for her Christmas to change
With a midnight visit and a single rose
What is soon to come she has yet to know

So she opens the door, invites him in
Out of the cold and frosty wind
A friendly chat while sipping hot drinks
Peppermint delicious and chocolate so sweet

The snow falls softly out in the dark
While inside the house there ignited a spark
A boyish smile and light blue eyes
Red and green on peppermint pies

The smell of cookies floats through the air
Stockings are hung with such tender care
And in the living room tired from travel
Relatives sit around playing scrabble

“Why don’t you stay and let yourself dry out,
Isn’t family what Christmas is all about?”
A shared smile and a gracious reply
Then into the gathering introductions fly

Now with her Christmas wish already received
How much more could she possibly need
She was here with her family and the man she loves
But there was more she had coming from the man above

Sneaking away for a quiet walk
The two young lovers began to talk
The streets were aglow with the lights from the shops
All of them showing their bright Christmas stock

Carolers in groups down the street they descend
She wasn’t too sure how this night would end
Would they eventually part ways with a simple goodbye
What she didn’t know was he had a surprise

And so on that night as the story goes
Standing in the doorway under the mistletoe
The man reached out and pulled her close
And what happened next you already know

A beautiful kiss  soft and light
A perfect ending to this dark snowy night
And that my friends is why we never loose hope
There's magic in Christmas when we need it the most

Christmas is best for memories like this
Memories of love and The Christmas Kiss

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