Trinity is a young girl who is led under the tyrannical king, Licas I. She has always hoped to overthrow him, but she can't do it alone...


4. Unforgivable Request

'We require a sacrifice. I suggest a life for a life. We help you kill Licas for one of your lives. If that doesn't appeal to you, then you must find us the greatest sword of all time... Ignis. Those are your only options, and when you have chosen we will tell you what to do.'

I nod and step back to confer with Sebastian. But I have nothing to talk about. There is no way that I will allow one of us to sacrifice ourself. I already know what Sebastian is going to suggest. He has always been the courageous man, dying to save his friends. However, try as he might, there is absolutely no way I will let him die.

Sebastian looks at me straight in my green eyes, his eyes full of sorrow. 'Trin... you are not going to sacrifice yourself. I will die for you. There is no other way.'

My voice cracks, 'But Sebastian... you know there's another way. And I know there's something you're not telling me.'

He lowers his gaze and I am sure I see a tear trickle down to the floor. 'Trin, I know this sword. Ignis. I know that it's an evil sword. My father went questing for it and- and that was how he died. I know that whatever your father wants it for, it isn't to do good. That sword is a cursed blade, bringing only destruction and envy.'

I narrow my eyes and my voice is quiet, 'Are you saying my father is evil?' I slap the side of Sebastian's face with as much force as I can muster and sit down a few paces away, on a twisted log. I cannot believe what I have done. Sebastian will hate me now. Or worse, he will definitely sacrifice himself! Standing up hastily and brushing my damp cheek, I walk as fast as I can to where I see Sebastian and my father talking. My steps falter abruptly as I see, for the first time, the coldness and hate in my father's blue eyes, dark shadows falling peculiarly over his eyes. When I see his evil smile, I realize that this is a man I cannot trust. 


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