Trinity is a young girl who is led under the tyrannical king, Licas I. She has always hoped to overthrow him, but she can't do it alone...


1. The Death Order


I sat huddled on the warm wooden bench. Silent tears are running down my cheeks, making my eyes glisten. All my family are dead. I know that there is no chance that my parents have survived. None. But I hadn't seen my brothers be killed. Is there the slightest chance they are alive? I shake my head. Who am I kidding? Adrian and Carlo wouldn't leave me alone; they'd protected me all their lives... and now they were dead. Keeping their oath to their father till their deaths. It isn't for the first time that I wonder why they made an oath to protect me. I also wonder why King Licas does this to people. He harms and torture many citizens of Emran. As he did to my parents. I just wish there is something, someway I can put an end to his tyrannical rule. But I know I cannot do it alone.


The square is full of people standing tightly together. Nobody moves or dares to say a word. Not while King Licas is here. He stands on his platform, wearing his shining crown with a scythe at his side, as usual. His black hair is whipping around his head in the wind. I couldn't help noticing that he has always been handsome. My best friend, Sebastian, is standing next to me, his arm gently brushing mine. Sebastian is another matter. He has tanned skin, like me, but beautiful chestnut hair. His eyes are warm brown and his lashes are long. This perfection is ruined by the scar that slashes across his cheek, but for me, it was always this that made him perfect. He looks at the middle of the square then at me, his face ashen but gentle. 'Trin. Trin, you need to get out of here now. Run. Run, far away, please!' 

I glance at the middle of the square, my face paling in shock. My parents are handcuffed and bloody. My mother's usually pretty black hair is stained with blood and dust. Her eyes are shadowed and she scans the crowd, looking directly at me. I don't even look at my stepfather. My mother is the only one I care about. And she is the only one who dares to speak in this crowd, 'Trin. Run, run far away from here. Get away from this tyrant or I know he will kill you too.' 

I stare at Mother, eyes wide and terrified. And I speak directly to Licas, 'Why do you have my parents in this state? What do you plan to do to them? What have they done to you?!' My eyes are cold and unrepentant. 

Licas looks at me pityingly, his eyes even colder than mine. 'Nobody dares address me like that. Especially not a child, like you. And, to answer your question, they are guilty of thievery. They stole gold from my servant. I am sure you know the punishment for thievery...?' With these words, he thrusts my mother to the ground and readies his whip. Before I know what is going on, I see Adrian and Carlo leap forward from the front of the crowd to our parents. Adrian unsheathes a knife from deep inside his belt and slices through their leather handcuffs and pushes mother away. However, Licas is too swift. He unsheathes his scythe and I try to block out the petrified screams of my mother. The only thing that slightly comforts me is knowing that they don't last very long. My stepfather dies the same way, but does not make a sound. When our family is dead, Adrian and Carlo flee, with Sebastian and I a few metres behind them. Then we lose them.

*Flashback ends* 

The memory leaves me shivering even in the heat of summer. I know that I have to make Licas pay for what he took from me. And I will. 


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