Trinity is a young girl who is led under the tyrannical king, Licas I. She has always hoped to overthrow him, but she can't do it alone...


3. Outcast Clearing


I follow Sebastian. I am quite sure that if I don't follow him, I will get lost. He doesn't know I am behind him, so I speak, 'Hey Sebastian! Wait up.' 

He looks at me coldly, 'Changed your mind? I thought you would.' he carries on walking, with me still a few steps behind.

'Sebastian! I'm sorry okay? Look, if we can find people to help, you're the best.' I plead.

Sebastian turns round and meets my eyes. I am sure I see a hint of a smile playing on his mouth. 'Okay. I have a pretty good idea where we can find help.' He waits for me to catch up and then suddenly puts his hand round my waist... and kisses my cheek. My eyes widen but I do not pull away. His breath is warm on my cheek. I can't help myself any longer. I grab his shoulder and we start kissing passionately. Sebastian is the first to end the kiss, by clearing his throat. 'Trin, it's not that I didn't enjoy that but, we have to find help remember? To avenge your parents.'

My cheeks flood with colour, 'Oh uhh yeah. Lead the way.'

We start walking again, through the muddy forest. Rain is starting to come down, hard and fast. My clothes soon get waterlogged; in Emran we only wear tank tops and jeans. Nothing protective. But Sebastian is worse off than me. He is wearing shorts made of thin denim, his best shirt and a worn leather jacket. His favourite clothes... Emran is not known for its sense of style. 

After what seems like years of trekking through the drenched trees, we arrive at a clearing. Night is settling in, but I am sure that night isn't what makes the clearing look so unwelcoming. No, it's more than that. The trees surrounding this barren place are scarce and crooked, casting unearthly shadows on the ground. The ground is hard and parched, even though it has been raining almost all day. And the clouds... the clouds are blood red. 'Sebastian,' I say, my voice full of insistence, 'we need to get out of here. Something about this place... it's unnatural. This place is cursed. I can feel it. We need to leave while we can!' 

Sebastian looks at me gently, 'Trin, Trin it's alright, I promise. This is where we can find help; I know it.'

This moment, even if we decided to leave, I knew it would be too late. A figure steps out of the shadows, smiling menacingly. More figures step out after him, their faces cast in shadows, with the same menacing expressions. The first man that stepped forward lights a torch and when he sees my face, he is astonished. 'Trin? Trin, what are you doing here, love?' 

What? How is he here? I thought he was dead! 'Dad! What...' my voice trails off as I leap into his outstretched arms.

Two other people move towards us, their faces now illuminated in the light flooding from the torch. They look at me, eyes glittering in delight. One of them speaks, 'Trin! I thought you- I thought you were dead!' I recognize him rapidly; Carlo.

My face couldn't break out in a smile any quicker, 'Carlo, Adrian, Dad I need your help! Please! Listen, Dad-'

My father interrupts me. 'I know, my love. Your brothers told me. I know what you have come to ask of us. And we will oblige. But first, we require something...' 


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