Trinity is a young girl who is led under the tyrannical king, Licas I. She has always hoped to overthrow him, but she can't do it alone...


2. First Nightmare


As I sat on the bench, Sebastian took my hand. He cleared his throat nervously. 'Trin...' he began, 'I'm so so sorry about your parents.' I keep my eyes trained on the grass and reply, 'I think I'll go get some food.' He stares at me surprised as I leave towards the forest, but says nothing.

I have never hunted before. Licas forbid women to fight or kill animals. We were there to cook and clean only. But if men can do it, why can't I? 

I quietly tread on the soft grass behind the rabbit, startled that hunting comes to me so naturally. I know that this is the right time, so I plunge the knife that Sebastian gave me into the rabbit's back.

I come back to the bench about an hour later, with a rabbit, a squirrel and some red berries. After examining them closely, Sebastian tells me that they are cranberries. He goes to gather some wood to light a fire and cook my catch. When we have eaten the food, I am startled to know that this is more than I have ever eaten in a day.

The sun sets quickly and I decided to go to sleep, knowing that there is no point keeping watch. When sleep overcomes me, I realize that I should have stayed awake. My dreams are filled with the screams of mother in her last moments... but they are not the worst. I see visions of Adrian and Carlo walking through shadowy forests, then drowning in an endless pit of black water. 

I woke up early in the morning, beads of sweat on my forehead. Sebastian is sitting on the grass, his eyes brightening slightly when he sees me awake. 'Hey Trin. I-I've been thinking that today we need to find people to help us stand against Licas. We aren't the only people who hate him! Listen Trin, we could cause a rebellion.'

I stare at him, amazed to hear his thoughts, 'You're right Sebastian. We just need to find the right people. But... who would have the courage to stand against him.' I tremble, 'You have seen what he can do and what he will do.'

Sebastian looks pretty taken aback to hear my lack of enthusiasm, 'I thought this was more important to you. If you won't fight him, I will.' With these words, he rises and trudges off, back to Emran. 


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