Trinity is a young girl who is led under the tyrannical king, Licas I. She has always hoped to overthrow him, but she can't do it alone...


5. Arrow of Fire

I feel bad for eavesdropping on Sebastian but what else can I do? When I am close enough to hear their conversation, my heart stops. I cannot breath anymore and I crumple to the ground. The last thing I hear before I blackout is my father saying, 'You shall have our help killing Licas then.' 

When I regain conciousness, I found out that my eyes are blurred with tears. Great. I quickly blink them away but Sebastian has seen. He is by my side. As always. 

My voice is soft as I say,'You sacrificed yourself didn't you?' I ask it as a question but it is not a question. It is merely a statement, for I know what Sebastian has done; I heard him. Sebastian doesn't reply. As a tear trickles down onto his shorts, he starts to kiss me. All I can think is, oh. Oh. I never thought he would do this... I mean, this is the first time that he has acted this way towards me. 

Eventually, I pull away, devastated to see the hurt in Sebastian's eyes. A few more tears trace their way down his cheeks and he begins to speak, 'Trin... Trin, I'm so sorry. But you don't understand why I did it. I-I love you.' he blurts out.

The surprise on my face is more obvious than a fox caught in headlights. I suddenly understand why he's done all this for me. Nobody likes Licas but Licas has not harmed Sebastian's family, nor him. For the first time I truly appreciate his beauty. Not his looks, but as a person. The way that he calmly helps anyone whatever they are doing. When he told me to run. I understand now. I understand that he would give his life to save me more than once. I cannot even deny how I feel about him anymore, 'Sebastian...' my voice trails off, 'If you- if you... love me then don't sacrifice yourself. I beg this of you!'

He nods submissively but his face is adamant. In this moment, I decide to keep a close watch on him. 


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