A Beautiful Nightmare

You'll have to read it to know about it but, it does change point of views back-and-forth between 2 people


4. The Plan

Delilah's finally stop crying and went to sleep, the nurse took the babies away and I laid down beside her and wrap my arms around her.

                                            ~~~~~The Next Morning~~~~

There's a knock at the door, and Delilah's friends walk in. Melody, Bre, Ali, Destiny, and Presley, and her sister Arianna, walk in I wake D up so they can visit. She gets up hugs each of them, I walk out to go get William. When I get back their all crying, but when I bring him in it turns to a giant AAAHHHHH. I kiss D's forehead,and go get breakfast for us,"I love you see you in about 30mins." She smiles,"Love you too, Hey s will you please see if I can have a french vanilla latte." I shake my head yes and shut the door. I asked the nurse and she said it was okay, then I head out to go get food, and I want to have the guys help me finish the nursery before she come home in 2 days. "Hey guys will you meet me at my house, and help me finish the nursery please?" I hear some chatter before Conner finally answers,"Yeah of course." I hang up and head home. 

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