A Beautiful Nightmare

You'll have to read it to know about it but, it does change point of views back-and-forth between 2 people


5. The Nursery

We get straight to work and finish it in about 20mins, so we talk for a while, then they leave.

I grab breakfast for us and head back to the hospital.By the time I get there everyones gone, I hand her her drink/food, set her out some clothes, and run her bath water. I eat with her, but she has to stop so she can feed Jasmine and that takes 5mins and she's back to eating her own food. After about 20mins of food we're done and she want a bath. She's still very weak so I help in the tube, and after a 5mins of soaking I wash her hair, and she washes her body. She sighs,"I hate feeling so helpless," I grab her towel,"Hey I don't I love taking care of you." She sticks her tongue out at me, drys off, and gets dressed. After that she cuddles with me on the bed and we watch tv until we  fall asleep

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