A Beautiful Nightmare

You'll have to read it to know about it but, it does change point of views back-and-forth between 2 people


2. Jake

I didn't go after her like I should of, I didn't say I love to her, I'm such an idiot.I grab a blanket and walk in there, she's  turned the other way talking to someone on the phone,"God I hate myself, I just ruined his life and lost the love of my life." I sigh, sit down by her, take the phone and end the call. "You haven't lost anyone, just because i might not have a baby girl doesn't mean anything. I loved you before and I'll love you after. Now can you please come back and lay with me?" I stand up take her and walk back to the room.I get her on of my T-shirts, so she doesn't sleep in her prom dress. I finally find her a shirt, and she's a sleep, I chuckle take off her shoes, and get her changed. 

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