A Beautiful Nightmare

You'll have to read it to know about it but, it does change point of views back-and-forth between 2 people


3. Dreams Don't come true (Delilah)

   I'm not going to give you all the details about giving birth but just know this is after I give birth

They come in with 2 carts as I start to smile when the nurse says,"I'm truly sorry." I look at her all confused,"What happened?" The nurse sighed,"Only your boy survived, you baby was too small and came out legs first." Tears start down my face as the nurse hands me Isabella, I kiss her forehead and hand her to Jake I can't hold her anymore.

                                                                                 R.I.P Jasmine

The nurse hands me William, but he's asleep so I give him his teddy bear and let him sleep beside me.


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