A Beautiful Nightmare

You'll have to read it to know about it but, it does change point of views back-and-forth between 2 people


1. Delilah

 My name is Delilah, 4 years ago I was a nobody.Then Jake came along and I took a chance on a love that couldn't last but it did.This is our last year of high school and Jake took me out for the best night of my life at prom.In a week I'll be staying with him for 3 months while my parents go out of town for work, so he asked me to stay so i can get use to his house.When we got there I went straight to his bed and laid down.Jake went to the bathroom to change, but sadly he comes out just as I start crying.He quickly walks over to me, wipes a tear from my eye and says,"Babe whats wrong?"      I sit up,"I can't stand it anymore the doctors say there's a slim chance that this baby will live, I mean she's too small and thats not good," I  can see the disappointment on his face, so I get off his bed and say,"Baby I'm so so sorry, I know you hate me know so I'll just sleep on the couch LOVE YOU" I walk out of he room crying even harder, I lay down on the couch and just cry.

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