Rose Weasley

This is my story at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.I don't really know if something very interesting will happen,but I just want to write my own stories...about my life.It's all from the beginning.
Soooooo...yeah...I hope you'll enjoy it!!!


1. A short introduction


                            Hello for all of you!!!

        My name is Rose Weasley and I think you know who's daughter I am...don't you? Well, for those who don't know I am Hermione and Ronald Weasley's oldest child.I have a younger brother named Hugo,Hugo Weasley. I am pretty tall and slim with my fathers ginger hair and hazel eyes. My brother tough, has my mother's brown hair...yeah...pretty weird right? A Weasley with brown hair...I know... But doesn't matter at all,we're here to speak about ME not about my brother.

         I got the idea of writing my own story from my cousin,James Potter who's two years older than me and has a story like this on movellas too. If you are interested I'm sure you can find him if you search: James Potter or James Potter the second...I'm not sure.

         But yeah,enough about the others let's talk about ME.Sooooooo,I love reading and writing a lot,but I also like playing Quidditch. Well I didn't ever played Quidditch but I looked at my cousins playing it and I think it's really cool...I wish a lot I could play it for my house team...MAYBE I WILL!!!!

          Aaaaaand I'm kind of done with the "introduction"



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